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How to File Down Stiletto Nails

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
How to File Down Stiletto Nails

There are shapes we can give our nails to wear different types of manicures, all very beautiful and fashionable. Besides round, square or oval we can also make our nails pointy. These are very flattering and offer a spectacular retro style. In fact, these stand out among the latest nail art trends. Whether natural or artificial, stiletto nails are ideal for highlighting special and beautiful hands. If you want to know how to file down stiletto nails and always keep them beautiful take note on the advice we give you in this OneHowTo article.

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Steps to follow:


Having a stiletto nails style manicure is very fashionable at the moment and there are already many celebrities who have signed up to this trend in nail art. Whether natural or artificial, this nail finish is an ideal style to visually lengthen the hands and fingers. It is for this reason that they are a great option for women who have hands and fingers that are a little plump or chubby.

How to File Down Stiletto Nails - Step 1

If you also want to have a retro style and highlight your manicure by learning how to file down stiletto nails adapted to the latest trends, you only have to follow the steps described below. But before focusing on the filing, you must ensure that your nails have a suitable length to get the pointed shape. If they are too short it will be impossible to get this finish. At the least your nails should protrude by at least a fingers thickness to work and file them easily.

In the event that your nails are too short you can use artificial nails such as those made from acrylic or porcelain. And if what you want is to make your nails grow and long stay, take note of the following tips:

  • Protect your hands with gloves when performing cleaning tasks.
  • Always file nails in the same direction.
  • Moisturize your nails with moisturizing hand creams every day in the morning and evening.
  • Before applying nail varnish apply a coat of clear nail hardener to prevent breakage.
  • Avoid using nail polish remover with acetone.
  • Strengthen nails with a little olive oil or other home treatments that we show in the article how to strengthen nails.
How to File Down Stiletto Nails - Step 2

Before starting to file the nails these must be well prepared to ensure the end result is beautiful. The first step is to make them completely clean, removing any remaining varnish with a non-acetone nail polish remover. Then submerge your nails in a bowl of soapy water for 5 minutes to finish removing all the accumulated dirt.

Now it is time to cut the nails to the right size. For this put the following tips into practice:

  • Use a nail clipper instead of scissors. With the latter, the cut is not as accurate.
  • Cut nails straight by carefully making a clean cut.
  • Avoid leaving protruding corners or jagged edges.
How to File Down Stiletto Nails - Step 3

Finally, it will be time to file the nails into a stiletto shape. To do this properly you MUST have a good quality file that will not cause damage to the structure or surface of the nail. To begin you must place the file in one edge and go sliding toward the tip of the nail, making gentle movements and diagonals to create the pointed shape. Then, perform the same procedure with the other side and... ready!

Once you have got the pointed stiletto nails you can add whatever color you want and make striking and beautiful decorations. Do not forget to apply a layer of hardener before and after applying the nail varnish to prevent breakage.

How to File Down Stiletto Nails - Step 4

There are many decorations you can apply to stiletto nails. But if you need some ideas inspire you, do not miss the designs that we show you in our article on how to make a homemade nail varnish.

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How to File Down Stiletto Nails