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How to Dress Sexily

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 31, 2020
How to Dress Sexily

There are days when we feel more beautiful, attractive and confident and want to show it off. However, it's easy to cross the line between sexy and vulgar, putting all your effort to waste.

We at OneHowTo want to help you with a few tips on how to highlight and enhance your attractiveness in a subtle and elegant way. Want to know more? Keep reading to discover some secrets on how to dress sexily. Unleash your femininity and enhance your good points while staying true to your style. Take note!

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Steps to follow:


Before we show you how to dress sexily, the concept itself should be clarified. Being sexy does not necessarily mean a tight, revealing outfit with a low neckline, or a tiny miniskirt. This way of dressing would be completely inappropriate for going to work, for instance, or for playing your favorite sport. Being attractive, sensual, or simply looking feminine is so much more than what outfit you wear. "Sexy" does not mean the same to everyone, and it changes from one culture to another - even from one person to another.

Being sexy is an attitude. No matter your body shape or what's in your wardrobe, you can be sexy if you have the right attitude - you just need to feel like it. Here we give you some pointers on how to dress sexily without being overly provocative, so that you can adapt it to any occasion.

How to Dress Sexily - Step 1

Do you know what the sexiest color is? Surely you do - it's the color of love and passion. Yes, we're talking about red, a color that is sure to draw attention and look hot no matter your skin or hair color. Most people find this color attractive - at least, it catches everyone's eye. Being sexy in red is simple!

You can wear a nice red dress like a classic film star, red shoes - Louboutin pumps are famous because of their red soles - a red shirt or even a red coat. For the final touch, wear bold red lipstick. It's a classic makeup staple for a reason.

For the less daring, simply add a touch of red to your look with a nice nail polish or with red accessories, like a bag or discreet jewelry. There are many different shades of red; pick a darker crimson or subdued brick shade to tone it down. You'll have all eyes on you - including your own when you look at the mirror!

OneHowTo explains what to wear with a red dress so you know how to wear it to look drop-dead gorgeous.

How to Dress Sexily - Step 2

Another good color to enhance your sexy side is silver, especially for an evening event or party. Silver can be an elegant and sensual, and will look more sophisticated than red. It will enhance any outfit and flatter your figure.

A silver dress no doubt will draw attention, so you should combine it with neutral accessories to avoid overdoing it. If you don't want to look too sparkly, choose a flatter shimmering grey tone.


Don't forget to enhance that gorgeous figure of yours - what better way to do it than to wear a good pair of heels?

Heels are sexy, make a very pleasing tap-tap noise - here you come! - and they make you look taller: they will give you amazing legs and every step you take in them will get everyone's hearts pumping!

If you do not like heels, try platforms or wedges - they're perfect when combined with a miniskirt or shorts in summer.

How to Dress Sexily - Step 4

And speaking of shorts, we should mention that they are currently some of the most popular garments around. They come in a variety of styles, from high-waisted and vintage to very short cut-offs like Daisy Duke's, and they will all show off your lovely legs.

Combine them with blouses and high heels and you'll cause a sensation!


Necklines are also usually associated with sexiness, but be careful! It's easy to cross the line and look vulgar; try to find a balance between flaunting your sensuality and showing too much cleavage - you might distract yourself.

Deep V-necks are flattering when paired with dresses and longer trousers, but you should avoid combining a low-cut top with shorts or a miniskirt: Focus on enhancing just one part of your body. Do the same with makeup - focus only on the area you feel more confident about and use neutral colors and techniques on the other parts of your face. When in doubt, wear natural-looking makeup.

How to Dress Sexily - Step 6

Decolletage also includes your back. How beautiful are backs - and how sexy!

1930s film stars knew that showing your back is a glamorous way of revealing your sensuality and femininity. Go for backless dresses with a high-cut front, avoiding any cleavage. You'll look ravishing.


We can't forget to mention certain sexier fabrics like lace or see-through clothing that will subtly show your sexy side. In order to wear lace, mesh, or other see-through fabrics, plan your outfit as you would usually do and pick one piece in that fabric - a lace waistcoat or skirt, for instance, to enhance any daily outfit. Choose a plain, neutral color, like white, black or maybe red.

If you're more daring, wear an outfit that reveals a lace bralette. It's sophisticated and bold at the same time!


If you want to dress sexily but you're not comfortable with revealing too much skin, you might love a more androgynous style! From Chanel to flappers to Janelle Monáe, traditionally masculine style looks fresh, youthful and sexy.

There are many ways to dress in this style; you can put together an entirely masculine outfit - have you considered slicking back your hair for sharper features? - or you can mix menswear and womenswear, like a lacy blouse with a sharp blazer, a suit and cleavage, etc. Fashion is so much more fun when you don't think of clothes as either feminine or masculine - there is a wide range of garments to choose from. In fact, androgynous clothes are also sexy in men - if Prince, David Bowie and Jaden Smith rock this style, so can you.

How to Dress Sexily - Step 9

These have been some tips on how to dress sexily. Remember that the sexiest thing about you is your confidence and the way you carry yourself - first of all, wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Your favorite, baggiest, most worn t-shirt might actually be your sexiest piece - dress sexily for yourself first. Dare to be stunning!

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How to Dress Sexily