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How To Combine A Red Blazer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How To Combine A Red Blazer

Blazers are elegant items of clothing perfect for the office or an evening out; their possibilities for combination make blazers go with many other clothes: from jeans to sophisticated black dresses.

Wearing red can definitely make you feel sexy and powerful, though it can be difficult to match with other colours. Do you have a red blazer and do not know how to combine it for each occasion? In OneHowTo we offer you some style ideas for each time of the day. Keep reading and learn how to combine a red blazer for any occasion. Which works best for you?

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  1. With jeans
  2. With light tones
  3. With animal print
  4. With a striped shirt
  5. With ethnic print
  6. With black clothing

With jeans

One of the best combinations that you can create with a red blazer is with denim clothing. You will achieve a casual chic look, informal and triumphant and where the red garment will give a feminine and sensual touch.

You can choose skinny jeans or shorts and, if you want to look more sophisticated, the ideal is to use high heel shoes and a matching hand bag. If on the other hand you want to give it a more informal feel use high boots and a maxi handbag. You will look fabulous!

How To Combine A Red Blazer - With jeans
Image: sexfashionandglam.blogspot.com

With light tones

To know how to combine a red blazer for an office environment, it is best to lower the elegance of this garment with the help of clothes with light tones. Grey, white or pearl are the favourite colours to create a office outfit with a red blazer; to give your look a chic touch it is best to combine with shoes that have a little red in them to highlight your fabulous sense of fashion.

How To Combine A Red Blazer - With light tones
Image: www.trendencias.com

With animal print

Red is a bold colour, feminine and highly sexy and so why not combine it with another very feminine trend? The animal print is a perfect match for a red blazer that highlights your sexy side.

You can choose animal print accessories (handbags, shoes or handkerchiefs) but if you are very bold, go for skinny trousers, a skirt or leggings with animal print. You will blow everyone away!

How To Combine A Red Blazer - With animal print
Image: belleza.facilisimo.com

With a striped shirt

It is one of the star looks of this season: a combination of a striped shirt or striped blouse with a red blazer. The result gives a certain sailor-vibe that creates a youthful and feminine look that is perfect for all occasions.

If you want to dress with this combination during the day, for a casual chic look, combine it with jeans. If you want it for the night, it is best combined with black trousers (leather leggings or trousers can also be a sexy and daring option).

How To Combine A Red Blazer - With a striped shirt
Image: www.trendencias.com

With ethnic print

A good and very trendy choice is to combine a red blazer with garments that have an ethnic pattern. This combination of styles helps to build a boho-chic look where trends mix to create a feminine and natural style.

You can choose to dress with a miniskirt or dress with an ethnic pattern to go to a party or, if you want a look to go to the office, it is best is to do so with a shirt or blouse with this print. Keep in mind the key to this look is in the accessories, so go for long necklaces earrings and rings. You will look stunning!

How To Combine A Red Blazer - With ethnic print
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With black clothing

A look ideal to go to a party or to dress for the night is achieved when you combine a red blazer with some black clothing, whether trouser or a dress. Go with a total black look and with the red blazer it will make style you feminine and sophisticated, perfect to be eye catching wherever you go.

To give an elegant touch to your dress get some accessories, for instance a silver necklace or earrings or a bag with stones that will exaggerate your sophisticated side.

How To Combine A Red Blazer - With black clothing
Image: desdeeltropico.com

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Image: sexfashionandglam.blogspot.com
Image: www.trendencias.com
Image: belleza.facilisimo.com
Image: www.trendencias.com
Image: www.pinterest.com
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How To Combine A Red Blazer