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How to Combine Brown Trousers

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Combine Brown Trousers
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Combining brown colored trousers is complicated as we often do not know what goes well with earthy tones. Although it is not a common favorite color, coffee tones are often found in our wardrobe. It is a sober color, casual and a little bland, but combined with the right elements it can be very chic.

Browns suit ocres and other colors in their same range but you can also take a gamble and mix it with bolder colors. It is a question of taking risks... And getting away with it! Here at OneHowTo we want to help you discover how to combine brown trousers so you know how to make the best of them and become the 'it girl' at the office.

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Steps to follow:


In general, brown tones usually look good with brighter, lighter colors; this is usually the main problem we face when combining them. Our wardrobes often lack light colors as we often have the poor habit of choosing dark clothes to stylize our figure. Light colors can actually be very flattering if you know how to use them.

The colors that go best with brown trousers are beige, cream, white, mint green, sage, light blue, turquoise, peach, apricot, light pink, light red, raspberry, purple, light yellow, golden yellow and the full range of browns. Avoid combining the trousers with browns darker than the brown of the trousers.

They can be solid colors or with patterns. Prints in the mentioned colors will suit the style and give it a different touch. As you can see, the combinations are varied and can yield many options and ways in which to wear the trousers.

How to Combine Brown Trousers - Step 1
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Regarding footwear, it is important to consider a number of things: it best to choose neutral colors and leave the center stage to the upper garment. You can go for brown, cream or white. But if you like taking risks then you can also try to combine the trousers with whimsical or glamorous red shoes and opt for a more discreet top garment. This will give the shoes prominence.

Black shoes will not be the best choice but if you have no other options then choose a top with some black in it. You can also choose shoes that include black and another shades that matches the top.

Another color for shoes that is spot on when combining with brown trousers is gold. You will give the outfit a sophisticated touch.

How to Combine Brown Trousers - Step 2

Regarding accessories, do not use silver because it is a cold color that will not blend well with the warm tone of brown pants. If you decide to wear rings, necklaces or earrings, better choose these in bronze, gold or ivory because they combine much better.

The handbag should combine with the shoes, choosing one in the same tone. You can also go for brownish colors. It will be a safe bet for your outfit. For a more casual image, opt for denim or military green, combining casual clothes with stilettos. You will look sensational.

How to Combine Brown Trousers - Step 3
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Makeup should combine more with the tones of the upper garment but if you do not know what to choose you can resort to earthy or golden tones. These shades will blend perfectly with the coffee trousers and thus harmonize the look.


Forbidden items when combining brown trousers:

  • Tops, shirts or jumpers in forest green.
  • All-black everything else.
  • Darker than coffee brown pieces.
  • Bright yellows, reds or oranges.

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Image: prettydesigns.com
Image: lookbook.nu and fashionkaleesi.wordpress.com
Image: pinterest.com
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How to Combine Brown Trousers