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How To Care For Skin After Laser Hair Removal

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Care For Skin After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fast and effective way to permanently eliminate your body or facial hair. Although it is often pricey, it saves us time and, in the long term, also the money we spend on hair removal through other methods. Laser hair removal requires a special skin treatment if you want your skin to feel smooth and nice. After laser hair removal the skin will be more sensitive than usual, so you need to take better care of it. In this article we explain how to care for skin after laser hair removal.

You'll need:

  • Lotion or moisturiser
  • Mineral makeup
  • Sunscreen
  • Exfoliating sponge
  • Loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics
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Steps to follow:


Thoroughly hydrate the area where the laser has been used, using lotions and moisturisers to help soothe the hypersensitivity of your skin after laser hair removal treatment. It is recommended that you choose fragrance-free creams.

How To Care For Skin After Laser Hair Removal - Step 1

Keep your skin away from the sun during the days immediately following the laser hair removal session, as it will be more sensitive to light and, above all, to heat. It is also wise to use sunscreen in areas that are exposed to the sun such as the face. Put high SPF sunscreen on your face specially and on all the other areas exposed to the sun. If you're using laser hair removal on your ampits, put some sunscreen there too. You might think it's not necessary but you sure wouldn't like your armpits to look dark.

How To Care For Skin After Laser Hair Removal - Step 2

Avoid excess makeup if you've had facial laser hair removal treatments, because the makeup products may irritate the skin. Mineral makeup can be a good alternative in such cases.


Apply cream or ice on the area immediately after the treatment. This will cool and numb the zone to minimize the discomfort. The person responsible for the laser hair removal will probably already do this, but just make sure they do it. If not, remind them.

How To Care For Skin After Laser Hair Removal - Step 4

Exfoliate your skin once a week with a sponge. Although your skin will be more sensitive right after waxing, you need to exfoliate it well to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. However, DO NOT exfoliate your skin if you feel your skin tight or if it burns or itches.


Do not wear tight clothing on the treated area, especially if it is synthetic. Wear natural fabrics and loose clothing after laser hair removal.


If you follow all these steps your skin should look great after laser hair removal. If you have any concern, ask the responsible of the treatment.

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  • Take special measures to care for your skin after laser hair removal so that your skin does not suffer.
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How To Care For Skin After Laser Hair Removal