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How to Remove Body Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: May 18, 2017
How to Remove Body Hair

Body hair is something that many people want to get rid of to improve their appearance. There are many ways to do this, from the most traditional to the most innovative. Hair removal should be done respecting our skin and using quality products, otherwise we can suffer minor injuries that disfigure and damage our skin.

Here at OneHowTo we'll help you find the hair removal method that is right for you so you can remove your body hair in a simple and safe way. If you want to know how to remove body hair in the most appropriate way, follow the instructions in this article.

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  1. How to remove body hair with wax
  2. Razor
  3. Epilator
  4. Laser treatment
  5. Homemade remedies

How to remove body hair with wax

Depilatory wax is a resin that adheres to the hair and removes it from the root with a firm tug against the direction of the hair's growth. This is the most used method of hair removal around the world and its results are excellent and durable. Hair removal from the root means that its effects can last from three to six weeks, depending on the person.

You can go to a beauty parlor, where they offer these services at very competitive prices. Generally they use hot wax because it is more effective, but if you have poor circulation in the legs it is advisable to use warm or cold wax. There are products on the market to wax at home, either with hot, warm or cold wax. You can ask in shops specializing in beauty products, drug stores or small appliance shops.

It is advisable that you wax on clean, dry and healthy skin and that before applying the wax you apply some talcum powder to remove excess moisture. Apply the wax and remove it with a single quick pull in the opposite direction to the hair growth. After waxing remove any residue wax and apply moisturizer to soothe the skin and prevent irritation and redness. It is advisable not to sunbathe until 24 hours after waxing.

If you need more details about the step by step instructions for this procedure then refer to our article how to remove body hair with wax at home.

How to Remove Body Hair - How to remove body hair with wax


If you are in a hurry and need something easy you can use a shaver or razor. It is one of the most used methods since it's fast and painless but has a major drawback: the hair grows back very quickly.

There are blades that are especially developed for shaving women's legs and other areas such as bikini line and armpits. If you want the hair removal to be faster and leave you with smooth skin then you must apply a shaving foam or gel so that the blade slides easily and does not damage the skin.

With clean and dry skin apply some shaving gel and run the blade over the area with hair in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Be careful to avoid small scratches and cuts that could become infected. Remove the gel, clean and dry the skin and apply a moisturizing lotion. Wait about 24 hours before exposure to the sun.

How to Remove Body Hair - Razor


Another device that many people turn to to remove body hair is the epilator. It is a small appliance that has a mechanism which grabs the hair and uproots it. It has the same advantages as waxing as it removes hair from the root, delaying its growth. It is a somewhat painful method, like wax, but after a while it becomes very bearable.

These devices are affordable and can be purchased at any store selling small appliances.

The skin should be clean and dry for its use. You must move the machine slowly against the direction of growth and you will feel it pulling out the hairs. Some epilators have smaller heads that help shave less extensive areas such as the armpits and bikini line.

Laser treatment

Consider getting laser or electrology hair removal treatment. These are expensive treatments to remove body hair and inhibit its reappearance, but they are becoming increasingly affordable.

Electrology ensures the complete removal of hair in one session. It is a slow treatment in which a small needle is inserted into each hair follicle; this makes it unsuitable for larger areas such as legs, for example. Instead it is highly recommended for areas like the eyebrows or upper lip.

By contrast, laser hair removal can be performed in any area of the body and is also very effective, although it may require several sessions and some maintenance for permanently removing hair. In our article on how to care for skin after laser hair removal we explain in detail the proper aftermath for this popular technique.

How to Remove Body Hair - Laser treatment

Homemade remedies

Think about removing hair using natural products. These are usually effective treatments and to apply them you just have to check your pantry. Good choices include:

Depilatory cream

Mix chickpea and wheat flour, mustard oil, cottage cheese and turmeric. A hard mass will be formed that you should apply in areas where you want to remove hair. Massage well and remove the product run a pumice stone on the area while you shower.

Homemade wax

Make a natural depilatory wax in your own home. Heat sugar, honey and lemon for a few minutes. When hot but at a temperature your skin tolerates apply a thin layer on the area to treat, let it harden and remove with a piece of cloth with a quick fast pull against the direction of growth.

Other options

There is a way to permanently remove hair, although it requires a lot of perseverance and determination to carry it out. You should apply a paste made from Thanaka (cosmetic paste made from soil) and safflower oil on your body hair. This procedure must carried out after removing the hair with any of the traditional methods and then should be left to act for 3 or 4 hours for 100 days consecutively.

These are the many different answers to how to remove body hair. If you want to make hair removal last longer or you want to reduce the pain it causes, check out our other articles.

Do you have any tips on how to remove body hair? Tell us in the comments section!

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How to Remove Body Hair