How to remove facial hair

How to Remove Facial Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 8, 2017
How to Remove Facial Hair

How to remove facial hair is one of the most recurrent concerns among women, either because of excessive hair or because it is is very dark. For our ancestors facial hair performed the specific functions of maintaining body temperature and protecting the skin against nasty bacteria and pesky micro-organisms. Nowadays, those functions are no longer necessary and facial hair has become an undesired traveling companion.

On we want to help you get rid of that unflattering hair. Read our ideas, tricks and effective methods to remove facial hair once and for all.

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Steps to follow:


You can choose to remove facial hair in the traditional way. The methods described below do not remove the hair permanently. Depending on the method you use, facial hair will grow back again.


Tweezers are a tool that we usually have at home. Removing facial hair with tweezers has the advantage that, if you can use the tool properly, it removes the root of the hair, which means it will take much longer for it to grow back. First, clean your skin with your usual skin care product and dry it thoroughly. Disinfect by wiping a little alcohol on the tweezers with a cotton swab. Remove the facial hair you want to get rid of! Try to make sure that you take it by the root, you'll know you have done it right if you notice a small ball at the end of the hair. It is hard to remove facial hair using tweezers if you have long hair. If your hair is scarce, it is probably the best method because it rips out the hair and it is harmless to the skin.


Wax removes facial hair and its roots. It is very useful for areas where there is plenty of hair, because it eliminates many at once. In case you have long facial hair, it is the best option. You should keep the skin clean and dry before applying the wax. Once the wax is spread on the area, you should remove it dry and fast so that it is effective and less painful. Apply a soothing cream after waxing. You should not abuse this method because it stretches the skin and, eventually, can cause sagging.

Electric razor

Removes hair root and does not damage the skin excessively, but it is as painful as wax. There are special machines suitable for areas where facial hair normally appears. The skin should be clean, dry and disinfected each time you use it.

How to Remove Facial Hair - Step 1

There are other methods for removing facial hair that do not eliminate the root of the hair but may be suitable for you. If your hair is almost imperceptible and scarce, it is advisable not to be aggressive in removing it, or even not removing your facial hair at all.


Bleaching is a safe option if the manufacturer's instructions are followed. It might be the best option when there is not much hair but it is very dark and visible. Discoloration produces a color change by rinsing the hair with chemical products such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. You must let the product act on your facial hair for the time indicated on the packaging and not overdo it because it can cause irritation, itching and stinging. It is advisable to do an allergy test 24 hours before the first time you use it. For natural ways to lighten your facial hair, check this article.

Depilatory cream

Depilatory creams do not remove the hair root but are completely painless. Apply on clean, dry skin and leave it on for the period of time indicated by the manufacturer. Depilatory cream removes facial hair superficially, leaving the skin smooth and free of hair. It is important to monitor the exposure time as it can cause irritation and allergies. It is advisable to do an allergy test 24 hours before.

How to Remove Facial Hair - Step 2

Another option for removing facial hair is using the innovative and permanent methods. Usually, they are painful and relatively expensive. Treatments are usually performed in several sessions in specialized centers. Lately, similar products for domestic use are starting to be available for purchase. They can be a good and cost effective method to remove facial hair if you have strong, resistant hair that requires frequent visits to the beauty center.


It is a system that consists in inserting a thin needle into the hair follicle, which sends an electrical signal that cauterizes the blood vessel. That causes the hair root to die due to lack of nutrients from the blood vessel, which is now cauterized. It is the only solution that guarantees permanent results. It is not suitable for large areas such as legs, but is ideal for small areas, such as those where facial hair appears. It is painful and somewhat expensive, but it guarantees that the hair does not reappear.

Laser hair removal

Laser disables the hair follicle with pulsed light. It is an effective method for removing facial hair, but requires several sessions and frequent maintenance to ensure that the results are really permanent. The price is more or less similar to waxing, as you need many sessions. It is less painful, but it can be annoying depending on the pain threshold of each person. After each session, you should take good care of your skin.

How to Remove Facial Hair - Step 3

Finally, let´s talk about how to remove facial hair naturally. The methods we talk about below are the most natural and safe ways to remove facial hair. They respect and moisturize your skin.

  • Oats, lemon and honey: It is a blend of ingredients that help inhibit hair growth, making it grow progressively thinner and weaker. Mix two tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of lemon juice and natural oatmeal, better if organic. You should get a sticky paste. Apply the mixture to the area you want to remove facial hair from in a circular motion in the opposite direction of hair growth. Rinse and moisturize the skin after each application. Repeat two or three times a week.
  • Papaya and turmeric: very good option for progressively weakening facial hair. In order to make this papaya and turmeric mixture you will need to mix one or two tablespoons of papaya cooked paste and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Massage the area with the paste for 15 minutes, remove and hydrate. Repeat once or twice a week.
How to Remove Facial Hair - Step 4

Finally, if you're a woman and you have tonnes of facial hair, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. You might have a hormonal problem or a disease called hirsutism caused by an alteration of the pituitary or adrenal glands that causes overproduction of masculinity steroids. Such disease makes facial hair appear conspicuously in areas where women do not usually have them, such as the upper lip, chest, chin or cheeks. In those cases, apart from methods to remove facial hair, there are specific prescription treatments that can help solve the problem.

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How to Remove Facial Hair