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How to Attach Fake Nails Without Glue

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. August 8, 2022
How to Attach Fake Nails Without Glue

False nails have an almost infinite range of shades, designs and even shapes. They are a much in-demand accessory and the business surrounding nail art making around $10 billion dollars in 2021 and projections showing huge growth. For those who want to cut costs, especially if they do their nails regularly, it is common to apply fake nails at home. Many types of fake nails come with adhesives already on them, often in the form of glue. Unfortunately, there may be times when this glue does not come with the product or you have lost it for whatever reason.

This is why oneHOWTO shows you how to attach fake nails without glue. These methods of applying fake nails without glue are effective and easy to do at home.

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  1. Double sided tape
  2. Transparent enamel
  3. Other types of glue
  4. Homemade nail glue
  5. How to care for false nails

Double sided tape

Our first method of attaching fake nails without glue is to use double-sided tape. We should point out that this is a temporary remedy that does not have the adhesive power of glue. However, it can be enough if you need your nails for an event in a hurry. Using sticky tape for applying fake nails is easy:

  • Prepare your natural nails before applying the false ones by removing any remains of previous enamel and gently pushing the cuticle.
  • Take a false nail and cut or file it to give it the shape you want and to best adapt it to your natural nail shape. Do the tests you need until you find the shape and size that fit perfectly.
  • With the false nail already prepared, cut a small piece of double-sided tape. Cut a length which is approximately half that of the false nail.
  • Before taking off the first protective film of the adhesive, place the tape on the inside of the nail you want to apply. Check that it does not protrude over the edges. Trim with small scissors any excess that does protrude.
  • Remove one of the protective films and attach the sticky side to the underside of the falsie. Place it from bottom to top as the tape should be mostly in the area that will be attached to the cuticle, leaving the tip free.
  • Remove the second protective film and place the false nail on top of your natural one.
  • Do not press until you are sure that the false nail is exactly where you want it, well attached to the cuticle and completely covering the natural nail.
  • Once sure, press gently and you have your false nails perfectly attached without using glue.

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How to Attach Fake Nails Without Glue - Double sided tape

Transparent enamel

This is another effective and long-lasting emergency remedy when it comes to gluing false nails without nail glue. Simply prepare your natural nails as we have indicated above. When you have them ready, apply a generous coat of clear nail polish to each one. Wait a few seconds and, before the polish dries completely, apply and fix each of the false nails. In a couple of minutes they should be perfectly glued.

How to Attach Fake Nails Without Glue - Transparent enamel

Other types of glue

Although you may not have specific nail glue to apply your false nails at home, there are other types of glue which can be useful. Plain transparent or white glue can be used to attach the false nails to your natural nails. You may even be able to use craft glue for this purpose.

If using white glue, the best thing to do is mix equal parts white glue and clear nail polish. Mix well and apply to the back of the false nail with a cotton swab. It is very important you do not use very strong glues such as superglue or wood glue. They will work in attaching the false nails, but they can attach so strongly that they damage the nail when being removed.

How to Attach Fake Nails Without Glue - Other types of glue

Homemade nail glue

These are the three elements you need to make a homemade nail glue. Add 1/2 glass of water to a saucepan along with approximately 3 large tablespoons of flour and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Heat this mixture over medium heat, without bringing it to a boil. Stir constantly until you obtain a paste that will serve perfectly to glue your false nails. Observe that it has a thick consistency and wait for it to cool down before using it.

How to care for false nails

It is important to remember that false nails can be made of different materials. Correspondingly, they may require specific care. For example, when caring for porcelain or acrylic nails, you must remember to go to the beauty center whenever they show any deterioration or breakage. They will have also given you a time for a nail checkup. Despite these differences there are some tips which are helpful for protecting all types of false nails:

  • Avoid humidity: whenever possible, avoid getting your hands wet. When washing your hands, thoroughly dry your fingers and nails, especially in the cuticle area. In this way you will contribute to maintaining their adhesion.
  • Apply a moisturizing hand cream: do it at least once a day, but remember to keep them dry afterwards.
  • Apply a neutral oil: before going to bed, apply this oil to the entire surface of the nail to increase its hardness and also its shine.
  • Damaged nails: remember that a damaged false nail should always be removed and repaired.

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How to Attach Fake Nails Without Glue