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How to Apply Hair Botox at Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 31, 2017
How to Apply Hair Botox at Home

Hair botox is a moisturising treatment that repairs damaged broken or very dry hair. It is ideal for people who dye their hair regularly as it restructures the strands abused by chemicals and de-colouration. It is not anything to do with the lip plumping, forehead freezing botox injections which contains botulinum. It is a composition of active molecules which work to strengthen and condition your hair. You can get the treatment in a salon or buy a vial and do it yourself. If you want to pamper your hair, but want to save some money on often expensive salon rates, keep reading. oneHOWTO shows you how to apply hair botox at home so that you can restore the restore softness and shine your hair deserves.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do is buy your botox hair vial. There are many brands and types, so it is best that you go to a specialist store and ask for advice. This is because hair botox treatment isn't a very fixed category of product. There is some overlap in particular with keratin treatment product for hair.

Keratin is a protein which is found naturally in your hair. It is also found in animal horns, something which highlights how good it can be for strengthening your hair. However, keratin hair treatment products often contain formaldehyde. This is one of the fluids sometimes used for embalming corpses. While it might help dead bodies last longer, it's not always the best for your hair. It can also make your hair smell quite unpleasant.

Hair botox treatment products can have different names and there is no uniform formula for them. Come may be a keratin botox blend. Others might have names like bottox or boto, slight variations of botox productions. Some claim they are for conditioning, others for straightening (particularly the keratin treatments). Let's take a look at some good products you might want to try:

  • Majestic hair botox is the top result when searching on Amazon. Like other hair botox treatments, it isn't cheap, but it does have decent reviews. Some are raving about it, while others have given it 1 star. It is possible it is due to individual hair types, but there seems to be an odor involved which might be at the root of the problem. It claims to be 0% formaldehyde, so perhaps it is just a natural smell which some like and some don't.
  • Inoar Professional Botohair kit. This is not just the hair botox serum, but a kit which gives you the stages you need for the full treatment. I strengthens and smooths all types of hair. These include shampoo, a "collagen smoothing system" and a conditioner. It gets generally favorable reviews and is marketed for anti-frizz as much as conditioning. It does have a fair few ingredients, but is formaldehyde free.
  • Buying well known brands can be hit or miss. They have the resources to create good products, but also mass produce and don't always have the best quality. L'Oréal makes something called Power Repair Lipidium, not specifically a hair botox, but marketed in a similar way. It is significantly cheaper, but reviews ar every mixed. Some people claim it is great while others don't feel like it works at all. It's definitely a good low end product if you want to try a stronger conditioner.
How to Apply Hair Botox at Home - Step 1

How to apply hair botox treatment at home for damaged hair

Hair can go through different types of damage, from dryness, to sun exposure or greasiness. Hair botox treatment uses a powerful protein enriched product which shouldn't be put onto healthy hair. It is like giving medication to someone who isn't ill. Firstly, it will be a waste of money on often expensive hair products. Secondly, it could end up damaging healthy hair.

You might want to use the product to straighten your hair, but we recommend using it after you have tried other less harsh straightening treatments.

Before applying you need to wash your hair twice with shampoo on the day of treatment so that it is clean and free of grease. Untangle your hair and dry using a hair dyer; hair botox should be applied to damp or dry hair.


Once your hair is clean and dry it is time to prepare the hair botox mixture at home. Shake the vial and mix its content with 150 ml of water. Stir until a homogeneous liquid is formed.


If the water and liquid from the vial do not mix properly, the best solution will be to warm up both parts slowly on a low heat and beat together until a homogeneous mixture is formed.


When your hair is dry and the mixture is ready, apply the hair botox to your hair as if you were applying a dye, strand by strand with a brush. It is important that all your hair is saturated with the product.


After you have finished applying the hair botox to your hair, put on a thermal cap and apply heat using the dryer for 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair with plain water to remove the hair botox as it smooths.


After washing your hair with water, it is very important to dry your hair with the hair dryer and use the straightening iron. This step is critical as it will allow the remaining product on the hair to penetrate further into the cuticle and absorb all the benefits of the treatment.

How to Apply Hair Botox at Home - Step 7

When you have finished applying the iron to your hair you will have completed the hair botox at home treatment. This treatment can be repeated every two weeks or once a month if your hair is not so damaged afterwards. The effects are immediate, so you will notice more softness and shine in your hair. After applying hair botox at home it's also highly important to know how to maintain hair botox also. This will help you know all of its benefits, among which are the following:

  • It gives your hair deep hydration: one of the most common uses of hair botox is to hydrate damaged hair and repair it to improve its condition. The reason is that it's composed by a high protein concentration and natural agents that improve your hair's health.
  • Repairs your hair from root to tip: Hair botox can be extended from the root follicle to its ends, unlike other hair moisturizers such as hair masks and conditioners. Thus, it provides further hydration and care.
  • Re-structures hair strands: this treatment is ideal to regenerate your hair and give it a more natural look; this is why it's an ideal method for those people who suffer from split ends, frizzy or damaged hair.

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How to Apply Hair Botox at Home