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How to apply hair botox at home

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How to apply hair botox at home

Hair botox is a moisturising treatment that repairs damaged broken or very dry hair. It is ideal for people who dye their hair regularly as it restructures the strands abused by chemicals and de-colouration. You can get the treatment in a salon or buy a vial and do it yourself. If you want to pamper your hair and restore softness and shine, in this OneHowTo article you can learn how to apply hair botox at home.

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The first thing you should do is buy your botox hair vial. There are many brands and types, so it is best that you go to a specialist store and ask for advice. The precious stones hair botox is the most recommended.


Before applying you need to wash your hair twice with shampoo so that it is clean and free of grease. Untangle your hair and dry using a hair dyer; hair botox should be applied to damp or dry hair.


Once your hair is clean and dry it is time to prepare the hair botox mixture at home. Shake the vial and mix its content with 150 ml of water. Stir until a homogeneous liquid is formed.


If the water and liquid from the vial do not mix properly, the best solution will be to warm up both parts slowly on a low heat and beat together until a homogeneous mixture is formed.


When your hair is dry and the mixture is ready, apply the hair botox to your hair as if you were applying a dye, strand by strand with a brush. It is important that all your hair is saturated with the product.


After you have finished applying the hair botox to your hair, put on a thermal cap and apply heat using the dryer for 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair with plain water to remove the hair botox.


After washing your hair with water, it is very important to dry your hair with the hair dryer and use the straightening iron. This step is critical as it will allow the remaining product on the hair to penetrate further into the cuticle and absorb all the benefits of the treatment.


When you have finished applying the iron to your hair you will have completed the hair botox at home treatment. This treatment can be repeated every two weeks or once a month if your hair is not so damaged. The effects are immediate, so you will notice more softness and shine in your hair.

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How to apply hair botox at home
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How to apply hair botox at home