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How to Remove Keratin Hair Extensions

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. April 11, 2017
How to Remove Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are extremely popular and effective hair pieces. They instantly make your hair longer and thicker, so that you can style them the way you want. They are a popular choice, especially if you are going for a wedding, party or special occasion. But like any other hair accessory, keratin hair extensions are not permanent, and need to be removed at one time. Now that it’s time to remove your own keratin hair extensions, you don’t need to spend money and time to having them removed by a professional. You can easily remove them yourself with the help of a little care and a few tools. Read this oneHOWTO article to find out how to remove keratin hair extensions.

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  1. Tools required
  2. Preparing the hair for keratin hair extension removal
  3. Step by step instructions to remove keratin hair extensions
  4. The final step

Tools required

Before preparing your hair for hair extensions removal, it is important to gather all the required right tools. First of all, you will need to buy flat pliers without teeth from a nearby hair extension supply store. There are medical grade surgical tools available as well. This will prevent application of too much pressure, as it is designed to click when too much pressure is applied. If you are buying it from a local supply store, you will need to exercise extra caution and be extra gentle while using them, as too much of pressure can cause lot of damage to your natural hair.

Preparing the hair for keratin hair extension removal

Removing the keratin hair extensions is not that easy, and it is important to prepare your hair first. Preparing beforehand will not only keep your hair safe and minimize damage, but will also save your time during the removal process.

Start pre-treating your hair around one week before having your extensions removed. Keratin hair extensions are not designed to dissolve instantly, and making them porous with pre-treatment will help them prepare. The pliers will be helpful in cracking the bond, allowing the remover to spread deeper into the bonds and break them apart.

Use a conditioner enriched with heavy protein to soak your hair every night during this week of preparation. Take the conditioner right from the bottle, instead of diluting it in water. Also let your hair dry before you go to bed, as sleeping with wet hair is not recommended. The proteins in the conditioner will connect with the keratin in the extensions, thus causing it to become porous and softer. Start doing this every night before at least one week of getting your extensions removed. If you are not sure which conditioner to use, you can soak your keratin bonds in coconut oil as well. This oil has thermoplastic compound that can do a nice job as well.

Step by step instructions to remove keratin hair extensions

Follow these instructions to remove your keratin hair extensions safely:

  1. Wash off your conditioner or oil, whichever you used to soak your hair.
  2. Comb your hair to ensure that there are no tangles left in them.
  3. Take a cluster of around 5 extensions, apply a drop of alcohol in each bond, and use the pliers to give it 5 squeezes. Be gentle and don’t break it with a jerk.
  4. Repeat the process with all of your hair. Just give squeezes to your bonds without putting them out
  5. Work layer by layer, allowing the solvent to go deeper and soften the bonds. Do not force them out with the pliers, as it can cause much damage to your natural hair. The squeezes will open them a little and they will come out more easily on their own.
  6. Keep all your bonds moist while you are working with the others. Repeat again with all your bonds 2-3 times.
  7. Once your bonds have become softer, add another drop of the remover and try to gently slide off an extension. If it does not slide easily, do not tug it hard. Just let it soak for some more time and then come back.

The final step

Once you have removed all your extensions, there must be bonding chunks left behind on your scalp. Try to soak them again with the remover, and pull them out gently. Lastly, use a soft tooth comb to remove any tangles from your hair and leave them as normal.

How to Remove Keratin Hair Extensions - The final step

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How to Remove Keratin Hair Extensions