How Should a Non-Wired Bra Fit

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Should a Non-Wired Bra Fit

With the invention of the push-up bra, women quickly became enchanted with the ability of this new bra to emphasize and fill up a cleavage. Padded bras and wired bras are some of the preferred options as they easily make breasts look perkier accentuating many women's' curves. Some women may just not feel comfortable wearing wired bras and may think that non-wired bras seem more natural and organic. If you are new to wearing non-wired bras you might need a little help learning how to make it fit just right for you.

In this OneHowTo article we explain how should a non-wired bra fit.

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Back band and hook

Before you jump onto buying a new non-wired bra it is recommended that you follow a set of tests to see if it will look good on you. The first step is to test the fit of your bra around your back. Initially, you should be able to hook your band around the middle option comfortably. If you find it hard to reach the first hook or can easily reach up to the last hook, those are signs that it is not the right size for you.

The band should sit nicely on around your back and should never rise up higher than your breasts. You should be able to squeeze your hand in under without any skin bulging out or tightness.

How Should a Non-Wired Bra Fit - Back band and hook

Cup size

Usually, you should be able to wear the same cup size with a wired and a non-wired bra; however, to be sure you may want to try this next test to make sure the bra fits you perfectly.

First, rise your arms up, if you notice that your breasts pop out from the bottom it may be too large for you. If they rise from above, then it may be too small. To make sure that your breasts are sitting correctly inside the bra, bend down forward, then use your hands to swoop your breasts in from the underarm area and from the bottom. Then rise up and see if your breasts are coming up excessively from the top. Again, this indicates that the cup size might be too small.

You might have noticed that the fabric on non-wired bras seems softer and thinner. Some of these bras also don’t use padding so often you will see that the cup wrinkles or puckers out. This indicates that you are not filling up the bra and you might have picked up a size too large.

Shoulder straps

Most bras allow for you to lengthen or shorten the shoulder straps to affect the way that your breasts will sit on your torso and to relieve pressure on your shoulders. If you notice that despite shortening the straps, the cups are not holding up your breasts you might have picked up a size too large. Also, the straps shouldn’t cause any pain on your shoulders or cause any redness.

Above all, you should feel comfortable inside the bra and it is recommended that you make use of your own judgement when deciding if the bra looks good on your body shape. Most women wear a bra for long hours during the day so consider this aspect when choosing a bra.

How Should a Non-Wired Bra Fit - Shoulder straps

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How Should a Non-Wired Bra Fit
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How Should a Non-Wired Bra Fit

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