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Eye Exercises for Droopy Eyelids

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Eye Exercises for Droopy Eyelids

When we age and move on through life, quite inevitably the lashings and passage of time becomes increasingly visible and etched on the skin. The skin loses its youthful firmness and natural elasticity. On the face, aging may be more noticeable, as is the case of the upper eyelids, which tend to fall and be more flaccid as you age. In addition to eating a good diet and looking after your skin at all times, it is also possible to try to strengthen the muscles around the eyes so that the eyelids do not droop down. Keep reading this revolutionary OneHowTo article to find out what are the best eye exercises for droopy eyelids so you can keep some aspects of youth.

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  1. Why do my eyelids fall
  2. Facial exercise routine for droopy eyelids
  3. Tricks to disguise droopy eyelids

Why do my eyelids fall

Drooping eyelids may be the result of different factors, but certainly the most common cause is skin aging in this delicate area. As time passes and we advance on into old age, the connective tissue of the skin undergoes major changes. The fibers of collagen and elastin decrease considerably and thus the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, falling and being much more flaccid than ever before.

Usually, this is a situation that occurs around age 40 and worsens with age, although it is possible to be given eariler if the skin does not get the nutrients, vitamins and hydration you need to stay young, flexible and elastic.

Although in this article we will focus on performing exercises to lift drooping eyelids caused by the aging process, you should know that this condition in some cases may be caused by certain problems, damages or traumas. It all comes down to the condition of the muscles that lift the eyelids or the nerves that have the function to control these hard-working muscles. You can see more details in the article Causes of droopy eyelids.

Eye Exercises for Droopy Eyelids - Why do my eyelids fall

Facial exercise routine for droopy eyelids

Facial exercises are ideal for strengthening the muscles of the face. They strengthen them, so that the skin can restore firmness and any lost smoothness, so they can help combat naturally the most visible signs of ageing on your precious face.

In this case, we will show you which are the best eye exercises for droopy eyelids, those that will strengthen the muscles in this area and make it look more raised - whilst also reactivating blood circulation and having a nice look that is far more rested and awake. Note and spends a few minutes of your day to practicing the following exercises:

  • Exercise 1: close your eyes, put your index fingers of each hand at the far end of each of the eyebrows and place your thumbs over the top of the cheekbones. Now, open your eyes wide and with the four fingers stretch the skin towards the temples, i.e. backwards. Once in this position, breathe deeply and breathe in air while trying to close my eyes.
  • Exercise 2: close your eyes tightly for about 5 seconds, then open them gradually. Repeat several times to lift the eyelids and reduce crow's feet.
  • Exercise 3: place the index fingers on each of your eyebrows and make them downward pressure. While doing this pressure, try to raise eyebrows by force and repeated for at least 15 times. You tone up the muscles around the eyes and sagging eyelids.
  • Exercise 4: Sit in a chair with your back and neck upright. Look at the ceiling but only with the eyes, without moving your head. Then, start making circles with both eyes in the direction of the needles of a watch, do it slowly and without overstretching. Finally, repeat the movement making circles in the opposite direction.
  • Exercise 5: place several fingers of your hands on each of the temples and stretch the skin back. When you're in this position, open and close the eyes quickly 10 or 15 times.
Eye Exercises for Droopy Eyelids - Facial exercise routine for droopy eyelids

Tricks to disguise droopy eyelids

If in addition to the previous exercises to lift your eyelids, you want to know how can hide his sagging and make them look firmer, pay attention to the following beauty tips and makeup which will help to achieve this:

  • Tweezing eyebrows with a high angle is a good way to disguise droopy eyelids. Before then, we suggest that you consult our article how to pluck eyebrows to suit your face to ensure that this design will be flattering for you.
  • When you apply makeup, apply a touch of illuminator just below the arch of the eyebrow and in the area of the tear duct to give that effect of "raised eyelids".
  • If you apply makeup to the eyes, choose matte shadows and apply them from the inside to the outside until it is blurred. Avoid shiny or pearly shades.
  • Eyeliner on the upper eyelid is also perfect for droopy eyelids. Make a thin line right next to the lash and make a final stroke that goes up a little, drawing a corner.
  • Bend your lashes with an eyelash curler and then apply a coat of mascara to have more volume and shine in the limelight.

There are some natural products with anti-aging and firming properties that are great to bring you firm the eye contour area, discover them all in the article how to hide droopy eyelids.

Eye Exercises for Droopy Eyelids - Tricks to disguise droopy eyelids

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Eye Exercises for Droopy Eyelids