Which is Better, Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Straightening?

By Sara . January 31, 2017
Which is Better, Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Straightening?

People with unruly and frizzy hair or dry and curly hair are often the ones seeking help in managing their tresses. The easiest way to manage such hair is straightening it. Out of all hair straightening treatments, the two methods that give the best result are the Brazilian blowout and the Japanese straightening.

If you want to compare and find out which is better, Brazilian blowout or Japanese straightening then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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What is Japanese hair straightening?

Japanese straightening is also known as rebonding, YUKO system or thermal reconditioning. It works by changing the internal bond of our hair, and it guarantees pin-straight hair.

How does Japanese hair straightening work?

During the Japanese straightening process, the hair is first relaxed by applying a patented calcium-based hydroxide solution or a lye based solution all over the hair. After letting it sit for a certain period of time, the hair is rinsed.

After that, the hair is blow dried and ironed with a flat iron. Then a neutralizer is placed over the hair to keep the molecular bonds of hair in place. Then the hair is rinsed and dried again.

Which is Better, Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Straightening? - What is Japanese hair straightening?
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What is a Brazilian blowout?

The Brazilian blowout is also known as the Brazilian keratin treatment or Keratin complex treatment. It makes the hair straight, smooth and lustrous.

How does the Brazilian blowout work?

In Brazilian blowout, a preservative solution or keratin is sealed into the hair with a titanium iron. After getting a Brazilian blowout, washing the hair with any shampoo or conditioner is not allowed for at least 3 to 4 days.

When the treatment sets in the hair fully, washing is allowed with a sodium free and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. After washing the hair, it can be blow dried or left naturally to dry. This results in hair which is much softer, smoother and shinier than before.

Which is Better, Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Straightening? - What is a Brazilian blowout?
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Japanese Straightening VS Brazilian Blowout

Japanese straightening

Benefits of Japanese hair straightening:

  • With only one or two sessions this treatment can make the curliest and coarsest hair pin-straight and smooth.
  • It is a permanent straightening method. The hair won’t go back to being frizzy and curly.

Drawbacks of Japanese hair straightening:

  • It can make hair weak by damaging and causing breakage.
  • After treatment the hair needs to be protected from direct heat.

Brazilian blowout

Benefits of Brazilian blowout:

  • It does not cause heavy damage to the hair.
  • It is safe for people with colored or relaxed hair.
  • Hair can resist heat and humidity for several weeks.

Drawbacks of Brazilian blowout:

  • It is a temporary straightening method and the result lasts for only 2 to 4 months.
  • It primarily prevents frizzy hair.
  • If a person has extremely curly hair they need to have their hair relaxed before trying the Brazilian blowout.

Which is better, Japanese straightening or Brazilian volume?

Instead of deciding yourself, consult your stylist to find out which treatment is better for you. They will give you the verdict according to your hair strength, thickness and texture.

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Which is Better, Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Straightening?
Image: goldsalontokyo
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Which is Better, Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Straightening?

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