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Is It Bad To Use Hair Straighteners Every Day?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is It Bad To Use Hair Straighteners Every Day?

Hair straighteners have become an indispensable tool in the daily lives of many women, who use it to make their hair look smoother or to create nice natural waves. However, as we know, it is a device that subjects the hair to very high temperatures and can actually take its toll if you do not protect your hair properly from the heat. If you have ever wondered if it is bad to use the hair straighteners every day, read this article and find out how often you should use them to keep your hair looking spectacular.

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Although nowadays, the materials used to make straighteners are strictly designed and chosen to protect hair as much as possible, the fact is that excessive use of these devices may end up deeply damaging hair and that does not look nice and healthy. If we subject our hair to very high temperatures every day our hair cuticles will be weakened, resulting in dry hair, which is rough to the touch, frizz and split ends.

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That is why it is not recommended to use straighteners every day if we want to always have healthy and good looking hair. Experts recommend straightening hair at most about 2 or 3 times a week, avoiding doing it every time we wash our hair. If your hair is unruly and difficult to style, a good alternative is to use the dryer to smooth it, as it does not come into direct contact with the hair; hot air is not as harmful. You can eliminate the need for straightening your hair every day by using a natural hair relaxer.

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And not only does abusing straighteners damage your hair, but misusing them also makes your hair look abused, battered and very dry. It is essential to prepare your hair before straightening and provide the care needed to withstand the impact of such high temperatures. Thus, prior to using your hair straighteners do not forget:

  • To wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and apply a good moisturizing conditioner.
  • Apply evenly a heat shield on wet hair
  • Dry hair well to remove all moisture, as using straighteners on wet hair, burns and weakens the hair fibres instantly.
  • Regulate the iron temperature between about 170º and 190º if your hair is normal, or 160º if it is very thin, damaged or coloured.
  • Apply a nourishing product such as amla before straightening your hair
Is It Bad To Use Hair Straighteners Every Day? - Step 3

Once your hair is protected and prepared to withstand the heat of the straighteners, should pay attention to how you use this tool to prevent hair breakage. Above all, you must always use the straightener from root to tip and do not run them over the same strand of hair many times. Ideally, divide the hair into different sections and straighten each strand slowly with a smooth, uniform movement and without stopping.

Is It Bad To Use Hair Straighteners Every Day? - Step 4

Choosing good straighteners is also key to protecting your hair and keeping it in perfect condition. Those with ceramic plates are recommended as the heat affects your hair more indirectly and they increase the shininess and smoothness of your hair. To get natural beautiful hair, read our article on how to get effortlessly beautiful hair.

Is It Bad To Use Hair Straighteners Every Day? - Step 5

Now that you know that using straighteners every day is not good for your hair, try to limit their use and care for your hair following all the above tips. Do this, and your hair will look impeccable, beautiful and very healthy. Read this article common mistakes while straightening your hair to make sure that you aren't unnecessarily damaging your hair.

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Is It Bad To Use Hair Straighteners Every Day?