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How to Straighten Your Fringe

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Straighten Your Fringe

If you have wavy or curly hair and you want to arrange a fringe but you have not dared, we understand you. Wavy or curly bangs are very rebellious and they cannot be tamed as well as we would like. However, there are solutions to transform this part of the hair so that it is smooth and pretty with the desired shape that you yearn for. In this OneHowTo article you will learn how straighten your fringe with irons, dryers and even without any of these two methods.

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Steps to follow:


Is your hair slightly wavy? Even though you want your fringe to be completely straight, the slightlest wave on your hair will be noticeable. To avoid this, the method is very simple: when you have wet hair, but not soaking wet, comb it down and apply a smoothing spray. This will be enough to not have to use the dryer or iron at all.

How to Straighten Your Fringe - Step 1

If you want to straighten your fringe but without damaging your long hair, you can do so without using an iron. On the market, there are many options. First, you have to prepare the hair when you leave the shower. Be careful to remove all traces of shampoo or other products and dry your hair thoroughly with a towel. Try not to rub with the towel in an aggressive movement. It is best to do it gently so that the hair does not break or end up with nasty split ends. The cleaner and drier the hair is, the better it will adapt to what you want it to do it later on.


Hold the rest of your hair so that it does not interfere with the treatment of your fringe. After this, apply on some curls straightener or any other straightening product. Slap it on your hand, rub and apply it on your hair from root to tip. Above all, do not use a lot of it. Although you may think that the more product you put in, the smoother the hair, you can overdo it and the hair will become rigid and sticky.

How to Straighten Your Fringe - Step 3

Comb your fringe with a brush while you dry your hair with the hair dryer. It is important for the hair to be dry without any moisture, since otherwise, over time, it may begin to twist and curl. The hair will look best if you leave it completely dry. During this process, you can comb your hair the way you like.


If your hair is too curly or if you live in a very humid area and you can not straighten your bangs with the dryer, use an iron. Although it is a bit aggressive for your hair, if properly cared for, your hair will always be perfect. In this sense, it is very important that before using an iron on the area you apply a a thermal protector as a spray or gel. If you do not, your hair can burn and break easily due to the high temperatures of the appliance. In this article you will learn how to prevent damaging your hair when you're using an iron.

How to Straighten Your Fringe - Step 5

When you do manage to straighten your fringe, keep a few things in mind: first, do not touch the fringe, as this could cause the products to be removed more easily and waves and ringlets can return at any time. And secondly, keep the skin of the forehead clean and dry so the fringe won't moisten and curl.


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How to Straighten Your Fringe