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What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. May 11, 2017
What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party

Farewell, whether of school, college, home or office, is a special occasion that marks an end, and also a new beginning. This occasion is not only full of emotions and memories, but it is a day on which you want to look your best. You want to create a look that everyone will remember in future. Usually, you want to experiment with your look on this day, and want to look completely different from your everyday outfit. It is common to wear a saree on a farewell party. If you are going to do this, this oneHOWTO article will tell you what is the best saree for farewell party.

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  1. Lightweight saree
  2. Floral prints
  3. Double tone saree
  4. Embroidered saree
  5. Kanjivaram saree
  6. Solid colors
  7. Ready-to-wear saree

Lightweight saree

Considering the fact that a farewell party is a formal and at the same time an informal occasion, you should stay comfortable and still look at your best. A lightweight chanderi, maheshwari or banarasi georgette saree will be comfortable and traditional as well. Choose a chanderi saree that has gold zari for a traditional fix. It will make you look feminine and young, and you can easily accessorize it with golden danglers.

What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party - Lightweight saree

Floral prints

Another way to look your best on your farewell party is to go for a saree that has soft floral prints. Pastel designs on georgette and crepe fabric do wonders to make you look young. Soft colors of your saree will do their magic, and you will need to stylize it with chunky accessories and jewelry pieces. If you are a little short and plump, this kind of saree will improve your stature and make you look thinner and longer. You can easily find this kind of saree in your mom’s wardrobe, or you can buy the one as per your choice.

What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party - Floral prints

Double tone saree

Do you want to wear something other than a single tone all-over saree? If yes, then a printed double tone saree will create an attractive pattern that will definitely satiate your quest for an elegant, trendy saree for the upcoming farewell party. You can go for a mix of floral pattern in the saree with a plain bordered drape. Such a saree allows you to wear two completely different colors, designs and textures of fabric, blended in a single piece. Don’t choose a saree that is too embellished to take your youth away. Go for a simple print instead of gota or zari. Such embellishments can add years to your actual age.

What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party - Double tone saree

Embroidered saree

Choose for a saree that has embroidery on net fabric. Because it will be an almost transparent saree, make sure that your blouse and petticoat are nice fitting as well. With this kind of saree, you don’t want to reveal your skin further. Go for long sleeves or high neck, and you will look glamorous. You may not want to let your hair loose with this kind of saree, as they may get uncomfortable as the party goes wilder.

What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party - Embroidered saree

Kanjivaram saree

Kanjivaram saree is a cult favorite in India, especially in South India. If you want to look subtle and classy at your farewell party, then a Kanjivaram saree will be the best pick for you. These sarees are available in silky plain colors with bold and bright borders. They have a unique sheen that can make you stand out without investing too much of money.

Solid colors

If you want to highlight your accessories and blouse, wear a saree with solid color combinations. Some recommended colors in fashion are magenta, turquoise, deep green, bright orange, etc. Choose the color that goes well with your skin color. Such sarees go well with ravishing blouses with crystals and embellishments. If your saree is solid in color and your blouse is heavy with embroidery or crystal work, then you have the freedom to go easy on accessories.

What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party - Solid colors

Ready-to-wear saree

If you are looking for something comfortable and convenient to carry, go for a ready-to-wear saree available out there. If you are not used to wearing a saree too often, you would definitely find it difficult to stay comfortable in it. A ready-to-wear saree can be easily and quickly worn and removed, and keeps you comfy while dancing or moving around.

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What Is the Best Saree for a Farewell Party