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What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 28, 2017
What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox

When hair is mistreated, dry, with excess volume and too much frizz the best thing you can do is moisturize it to make it return to its normal state and become more manageable. Hair botox is not injected and has nothing to do with face-lifting botox, but is a concentrate moisturizer full of vitamin, protein and antioxidants that which is deeply nourishing and effective method to have healthy hair again. If you want to know more in this oneHOWTO article we explain what the benefits of hair botox are.

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  1. Gives your hair shine
  2. Moisturizes roots
  3. Helps restore brittle hair
  4. Hair regeneration
  5. Moderate price
  6. Immediate results
  7. Toxic-free

Gives your hair shine

The first thing you should know regarding the benefits of hair botox is that it is not the same as keratin. Keratin modifies the hair wave, it is a smoothing treatment, whilst hair botox moisturizes hair deeply and intensely and does not alter the hair. So, if your hair is naturally wavy it will continue to be so, though its excellent restoring properties will give your hair some extra shine and a healthier look.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox - Gives your hair shine

Moisturizes roots

Among the benefits of hair botox we can highlight its moisturizing properties as its main function. Its protein concentration, which is usually combined with precious stones or other natural agents filled with vitamins, collagen and antioxidant agents, acts on each hair penetrating to to their deepest levels to moisturize both internally and externally.

Helps restore brittle hair

Unlike other treatments, hair botox hydrates from root to tip. Yes, it may well seem impossible, but this moisture is able to restore vitality to tips which have been split and damaged by excess use of the hair dryer. Even the most serious split ends will present positive changes.

Hair regeneration

Another highlight of hair botox is its capacity to regenerate hair. As the contents of the ampoules act with intensity, hair botox is ideal for very brittle hair or hair with frizz as it restructures the strand taking it as close to its normal appearance as possible. This will make your hair soft and much easier to comb.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox - Hair regeneration

Moderate price

Hair botox is cheaper than other treatments and treated hair can continue being washed with regular shampoo. There is no need to buy special products as its effects are not lost by shampooing with sodium based products, cream baths or other hydrating treatments. To make it last longer it's important to know how to maintain hair botox in order to make the most of the treatment.

Immediate results

After applying the moisturising hair botox ampoule, the person may wash their hair as they wish. No need to spend two or three days with the product in the hair as it has immediate effect following application.

Hair botox acts on the same day of the application, it is not necessary to wait for days or several sessions to see results. Following the moisturizing of hair you may notice more shine, less frizz, healthy tips and more manageable hair.


As it contains no chemicals hair botox leaves a pleasant aroma on the hair and its application poses no risk to the person's health.

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What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox