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How to Prevent Frizz in Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Prevent Frizz in Hair

Frizzy hair can become a problem for many of us as it stops us getting the look and hairstyling that we want. Hair produces some electricity which along with moisture makes our hair rebellious and difficult to master, making it somewhat unattractive. So you can always look nice at OneHowTo.com we explain how to prevent frizz in hair. Discover the tricks and home remedies that will leave behind the static in hair so you can dominate it and look perfect at every event. Take note!

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Steps to follow:


Among the common causes of frizz we find a lack of moisture and hydration. The excessive use of dyes or hot appliances (iron, hair dryer...) can profoundly damage our hair, dehydrating it and causing it to curl more easily. Also, all those with dry or porous hair are more prone to frizz.


To combat this problem, crush a banana and mix it with a spoonful of lemon juice and another of sunflower oil. Apply this solution on your hair and let work for at least an hour and a half. Then, remove the mixture with a regular wash and let it air dry. Using the hair dryer is prohibited!

How to Prevent Frizz in Hair - Step 2

Another home remedy that can be useful to prevent frizz in hair is mixing a raw egg with a quarter cup of olive oil. Apply the solution with wet hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes, approximately. Then wash it as usual. With oil you will get a moisturising effect while the egg repairs the scalp, generating new cells and tissues thanks to the amino acids it contains. A perfect remedy!

How to Prevent Frizz in Hair - Step 3

Another perfect remedy to moisturize your hair is to mix a plain yogurt with a pulped cucumber. Apply the mixture on your hair and leave on for half an hour. Then wash your hair as usual. When untangling the hair you will notice it is much softer and hydrated.

How to Prevent Frizz in Hair - Step 4

Other than home remedies, you must change some habits in order to prevent frizz in your hair. For example, the first step is to change your hair care products to higher quality ones. Sometimes we pay little attention to the shampoos or conditioners we use yet these may not be adapted to our type of hair. Pay special attention to this.


Furthermore, you should avoid washing your hair with hot water. You can do it with warm or cold water but not hot water, as tgis makes it frizzier and dries it even more. See the article common mistakes when washing hair and avoid these at all costs.

How to Prevent Frizz in Hair - Step 6

It is important to note that after washing it is best to apply a moisturizer and to let the hair air dry naturally. The use of hot appliances such as dryers or putting up hair with bows or tweezers is not advisable, this damages the scalp and stops it breathing so the new hair will grow already broken.


Also, to comb your hair it is preferable to use wood brushes as the plastic or metal ones produce much more static electricity in hair, which is one of the causes of frizz.


Avoid washing your hair every day, as this can damage the hair even more. You must leave one to two days before between washes. On the other hand, it is advisable to apply anti frizz products or thermal protectors if you are using heating devices such as straightening irons or a dryer. Remember not to place the latter just above the root if you do not want to burn it.


Another option to control frizz is to go to the salon and get a good hair cut. Cut your hair uniformly and avoid layers as they make the hair curl more easily. You can also opt for moisturizing treatments such as keratin.

How to Prevent Frizz in Hair - Step 10

In short: try to avoid abusing heat appliances and nourish and moisturize your hair as much possible. With this you will get a nice smooth look without the frizz.

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How to Prevent Frizz in Hair