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What Are Money Piece Highlights?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. June 14, 2022
What Are Money Piece Highlights?

Aesthetic trends are always changing and those for different hairstyles are particularly capricious. This is why we're always looking for something new. Different hair styles affect our looks in different ways. Some might frame our face better, others can hide it. Some match our skin tone, others contrast with it. Money piece highlights are nothing new, but they have come around again in terms of trends. At oneHOWTO, we ask what are money piece highlights? We look closely at why this trend has once again become popular and find out how to give yourself money piece highlights at home.

  1. What are money piece highlights?
  2. How to wear money piece highlights
  3. How to do money piece highlights at home

What are money piece highlights?

Money piece highlights are a technique in hairdressing which is related to highlighting certain areas with a lighter color. While there are many different ways to highlight your hair, the money piece highlight is notable for its use of two separate stripes. These highlights vertical strips of hair create a very particular frame of the face. This requires dying these locks a different color to the rest of the hair.

To create the money piece highlights look, the rest of the hair is dyed with a classic balayage gradient. The front two strips of hair are dyed from the middle parting to the ends in a contrasting lighter color. This creates the framing of the face.

While the money piece highlights trend has appeared only recently on platforms such as Tik Tok, it is not a new look. It originates in the 1990's and was popularized by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Geri Halliwell/Horner. The more recent trend develops this look and uses more modern highlighting techniques to create more subtle graduations and framings.

Learn how to get the base of this look with our article on how to get balayage hair at home.

How to wear money piece highlights

Money piece highlights are one of the most versatile types of highlights because they work well with any type of cut and color. This means it can work for mid-length to long hair or dyed to natural hair. Typically, people who opt for money piece highlights go for blonde tones, further lightening the front locks. However, it also works well on gray or ocher tones.

As for the length of the hair and its shape, it is also treated with total freedom. While it is true that the standard style focuses on long wavy hair, people have ended up customizing it and it can also be worn with a straight bob or with curly hair.

This style of highlights is not designed for a specific haircut, but rather focuses on being able to enhance the face. In this way, it almost works as a contour. Depending on the hair style that most defines you, the highlights can be adapted.

Before we show you how to do money piece highlights, take a look at how to look after it once it's done with our article on caring for highlighted hair.

What Are Money Piece Highlights? - How to wear money piece highlights

How to do money piece highlights at home

If you are afraid your money piece highlights won't turn out as you expected, the best thing to put yourself in the hands of experts. They can perform this highlight treatment in the most precise and safest way possible.

This does not mean you can't do money piece highlights at home. It is not a very complicated technique. Despite the use of a bleaching agent to attain the strips of highlighted hair, we do not use very much and the look is going to be much more subtle. The naturalness of these blonde highlights is one of its most desirable factors.

If you do not want to go to the hairdresser, you can try doing money piece highlights at home. What you need to get this look are cheap and easy to find. This way, you will not have to subject your hair to chemical processes, but it will lighten naturally and organically.

If you want to make money piece highlights at home, you only have to buy two bags of chamomile tea, four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and the juice of one lemon. When you have these ready, follow these steps to create money piece highlights naturally:

  1. The first thing you should do is prepare a concentrated chamomile infusion. To do this, boil a cup of water and add the two bags for the time indicated.
  2. This concentrate should be left to stand until it is room temperature. After this time, add the tablespoons of vinegar and the squeezed lemon juice.
  3. Everything should be mixed until it is homogeneous.
  4. When it has cooled, place it in a glass container.
  5. Now you must find the locks of hair you want to highlight. Separate these by pulling them forward and combing the rest of the hair back.
  6. With a tint brush, apply the natural mixture from the middle to the ends of the hair you want to highlight, thoroughly impregnating the hair from root to tip.
  7. Let it rest for at least an hour.
  8. Rinse with plenty of water.

You will notice that the hair has lightened slightly, creating a natural effect that. With the passing of days and the light from the sun, you will end up having this desired money piece effect.

If you think your money piece highlights are still too light, then you can use a commercial hair dye, following the same method above. You will just have to ensure you use the package instructions for your dye and test it out on a patch of skin before application. Hydrogen peroxide can also work if you want a bleach blond look.

If you want to experiment a little more with your blond highlights, there are options available to you. Find out some of these with our articles on how to care for dyed hair and how to go from red hair to blond.

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What Are Money Piece Highlights?