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The Best Kurta for a Wedding

By Sara . Updated: January 30, 2017
The Best Kurta for a Wedding

A Kurta is actually a collarless shirt. But over time it has witnessed some great changes and hence now there are kurtas available with well defined and embroidered collars. A Kurta is an extremely versatile outfit for men. A simple plain kurta can be used as regular wear. While a lightly or heavily embroidered fancy kurta is the best choice for festivals, celebrations and weddings. In this OneHowTo article we will find out the best kurta for wedding.

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  1. Straight Cut Kurta
  2. Punjabi phulkari kurta
  3. Sindhi Kurta
  4. Lucknowi Kurta
  5. Pathani Suit
  6. Bajirao Kurta

Straight Cut Kurta

One of the most popular kurta for a wedding is the straight cut kurta which is commonly known as Panjabi or Punjabi kurta. It has a simple cut and is suitable for all occasions depending on the amount of embellishments and embroidery. For example, you can stitch a sherwani collar to add to the kurta to make it more elegant A simple Punjabi kurta can make any man look sophisticated in the wedding when it has the perfect fit.

The Best Kurta for a Wedding - Straight Cut Kurta

Punjabi phulkari kurta

Phulkari is a type of embroidery which is the specialty of the Punjab region of India. Phulkari means flower work. As the name suggests Punjabi phulkari kurta is a Punjabi kurta with phulkari work on it. If the embroidered flowerwork on kurta becomes too much to handle then men can add a phulkari jacket over simple Punjabi kurta to achieve the wedding look.

The Best Kurta for a Wedding - Punjabi phulkari kurta

Sindhi Kurta

Sindhi kurta is a straight cut kurta but it is embroidered with local patterns. Its name i.e. Sindhi Kurta, is due to its place of origin, Sindh, now in Pakistan. This type of kurta is locally known as rilli kurtas. Sometimes mirror-work is also used in this kurta. The unique style of Sindhi Kurtas will definitely grab attention during the wedding.

The Best Kurta for a Wedding - Sindhi Kurta

Lucknowi Kurta

The Lucknowi's name has originated from the name Lucknow which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknowi kurta are simple monotone kurta with Chicken embroidery. Chicken embroidery is a style of fine embroidery done usually with white thread. It’s simple yet classic look is bound to make an everlasting impression during weddings. They are perfect for Sangeet nights too.

The Best Kurta for a Wedding - Lucknowi Kurta

Pathani Suit

The Pathani suit is also known as Khan suits as it is believed to have origin from the Pathans of either Kabul, Afganisthan or of Pakistan. It was earlier worn by the Pathan but its sophisticated and superb design has made it popular among men all over the world. Pathani suit gives a very masculine aura and can be the perfect attire for wedding.

The Best Kurta for a Wedding - Pathani Suit

Bajirao Kurta

Since the release of the bollywood movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’, Bajirao kurta has got a special place in the heart of every man. The regal look of Ranveer Singh as Bajirao in this movie will definitely make you shine in crowd. If you are still not convinced then have a look at the image and it is bound to become your top priority dress in wedding.

The Best Kurta for a Wedding - Bajirao Kurta

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The Best Kurta for a Wedding