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How to Whiten Underarms with Charcoal

By Sara . January 31, 2017
How to Whiten Underarms with Charcoal

When summer arrives we want to start wearing sleeveless clothes as soon as possible, but often dark underarms prevent us from flaunting our favorite tank tops or dresses in public. Many people dream of having flawless underarms, but more often than not we end up with underarms that are a shade or two darker than our skin tone.

There are many homemade remedies which can be used to lighten the underarms. One of the most effective method is using activated charcoal. If you want to know how to lighten underarms with charcoal keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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Why do we have dark underarms?

There are a number of reasons why our underarms can look darker than the rest of our body. Some of those reasons are:

  • Bacteria and sweat: The skin of our underarms often provides ideal condition for bacteria to thrive. When bacteria break down the sweat in our underarms it can cause serious skin problems leading to patchy skin in your underarms.
  • Shaving: Shaving off the hair in your underarms removes hair from the surface not the roots of the hair. The hair roots can give your underarm a patchy, dark appearance.
  • Buildup of dead skin cells: Microscopic dead skin cells gets trapped in the skin folds of our underarms causing the darkening of skin. It is extremely necessary to exfoliate your underarms regularly.
  • Excessive use of deodorant: Chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirant is one of the reason of dark underarms.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can sometimes cause darkening of underarm skin.
  • Diabetes: People with type 2 diabetes have high level of insulin in their body which can over stimulate skin cells leading to thickening and darkening of skin in some body parts such as underarms.
  • Hyper-pigmentation: It is a skin condition due to which our skin produces excessive melanin.

How to lighten underarms with charcoal

To lighten your underarms with activated charcoal you will need:

  • Raw honey
  • Activated charcoal capsule
  • Brush or cotton buds
  • Bowl

This is how to lighten the underarms with charcoal:

  1. At first, clean your underarms using soap water. Then dry the skin properly with a towel.
  2. Pour some raw honey in a bowl. Honey releases hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching and lightening agent. Raw honey also a great moisturizing agent and is antibacterial. Here you can learn more about what are the benefits of honey for skin.
  3. Take the capsule of activated charcoal and open it. Activated charcoal is a great detoxifying agent, as it pulls out all forms of impurities when applied to a certain area. Discover what does activated charcoal do here.
  4. Put the contents of the capsule into the bowl with the honey. Mix the ingredients together.
  5. Using a brush or cotton buds, apply this mixture on your underarms.
  6. Let the honey and charcoal mixture to rest for at least 20 minutes.
  7. After 20 minutes, wipe it away with a warm washcloth. Then, rinse the area with clean water to remove any leftover mixture.

That’s it - you will find your underarms instantly lightened!

If you feel skin irritation after applying the mixture then remove the mixture instantly from your underarms and do not use activated charcoal again. Instead opt for some other underarm lightening method; here you can learn how to lighten underarm skin with different remedies.

How to Whiten Underarms with Charcoal - How to lighten underarms with charcoal

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How to Whiten Underarms with Charcoal