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What are the benefits of honey for skin

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What are the benefits of honey for skin

Honey is one of the most precious natural ingredients in the world of cosmetics. Its natural vitamin contain enzymes and give it a special power to care for and beautify the skin. If you incorporate honey to your beauty routine, you will see how your skin renews itself and begins to be more hydrated and nourished. For more details, read this article What are the benefits of honey for skin and do not hesitate to use it!

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Honey is an ingredient that provides an important cleansing action and, thanks to the natural enzymes in it, it is ideal for deeply cleansing the skin and eliminating toxins. This is one of the benefits of honey that firms specializing in cosmetics have taken advantage of, as many of their soaps, gels and cleansers incorporate it as a main ingredient.

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As a natural exfoliant, honey is also a very effective and beneficial ingredient for the skin. It's rich in sugars with substances such as fructose, glucose and alpha-hydroxy acids, which allows for a great exfoliation leaving skin soft and revitalized. It also regenerates dead cells and is not aggressive, while it exfoliating and moisturising the skin.


Another of the multiple benefits of honey for skin is the extreme hydration that it provides. It contains many minerals and vitamins essential for keeping the skin moist all day, and in the long term, makes it appear more flexible and retain its natural elasticity. So moisturising your skin with honey will give your facial skin the glow it needs.


Do you suffer from acne or blotchy skin? If so, you should know that honey, containing hydrogen peroxide and other substances, is effective in the treatment of acne-prone skin, favouring the reduction of impurities and preventing bacterial growth. And all without drying your skin out! On the other hand, it's also excellent to prevent marks on the skin.

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Ageing of the skin is inevitable but there are habits and formulas that can help to delay it. And among the natural ingredients to fight the signs of ageing, is honey, filled with antioxidants and highly beneficial for the prevention of premature wrinkles keeping your skin firm and smooth for longer.


Honey is also a great ingredient if you want to open clogged pores, helping you get rid of impurities and thoroughly cleanse your skin. Mix a spoonful of honey with coconut oil and you'll have a clear and unclogged face!

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If you want to beautify your skin and easily and cheaply take advantage of the benefits of honey, see the article How to make honey face masks. Mixing honey with other natural ingredients is an ideal way to repair the dermis of the skin, leaving it more nourished and smooth.


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What are the benefits of honey for skin