How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 25, 2022
How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles

The neck skin and cleavage are very sensitive and delicate, which makes them more vulnerable to the effects of time and ageing. It is normal that as the years go by neck skin loses some of its elasticity and natural firmness, but if we do not want this to become emphasised it will be fundamental to repair and care for it daily, providing all it needs to look younger and smoother. If you do not want wrinkles in that area to appear prematurely and ruin your look wearing any dress or blouse with a neckline, take note of the following OneHowTo tips on how to prevent neck wrinkles.

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Steps to follow:

Caring for neck skin. Many times we forget to care for neck skin and we only focus on the face. This is a mistake we must avoid if we want our neck and décolleté to look young and wrinkle free. So to prevent its occurrence, it is very important that when extending your usual facial cream you also apply it to the neck by upward strokes. It is best to purchase a suitable cream for your skin type and one with firming properties to maintain the smoothness and firmness in the area. Also, collagen lotions are also great options to make skin look younger.

How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles - Step 1

Weekly exfoliation. In addition to removing all the dead cells which helps skin completely absorb all the nutrients of the creams we apply on the neck, exfoliating this area once a week will help you preserve its youth. In fact, when we apply the scrub on the skin this activates microcirculation and tissue oxygenation, which is essential to achieve firmer skin and avoid the presence of unsightly wrinkles.

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Internal care. The best remedy to avoid wrinkles on the neck and in any area passes through a balanced and healthy diet. Remember that nutritional deficiencies are instantly reflected in the appearance of your skin and the ageing process will be accelerated. Therefore, it is essential to follow a healthy diet centred on fruits, vegetables, foods with anti-ageing properties, and to remain hydrated by drinking 2 litres of water daily combined with natural juices, teas, etc.

Pomegranets and blueberries are also a good alternative to avoid wrinkles as they have a high level of antioxidants.

How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles - Step 3

Protect yourself from the sun. Neck skin is extremely delicate and very vulnerable to the adverse effects of sunlight. Do not forget to protect this area daily with a good sunscreen with a fairly high factor, so it will not only prevent the formation of wrinkles but also prevent dark spots appearing on the skin.

How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles - Step 4

Exercises. To maintain the elasticity and flexibility of the neck, you can also do some localised exercises to work the muscles in the area and prevent sagging. The following moves will help prevent wrinkles from appearing:

  • Place your hands right at the top of the neck, apply strength to try to move your arms forward while trying to bring the head backwards.
  • Sitting with back and head erect, place your hands on your forehead apply strength while trying to bring the head forward.
  • Another simple exercise is to force a wide and greatly exaggerated smile until you notice that the neck muscles tighten.
How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles - Step 5

Natural cosmetics. And of course, you can always take advantage of rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties of some natural ingredients to avoid wrinkles in the neck, cleavage and face. The homemade masks which are more effective for this purpose are:

  • Mask of avocado and lemon juice.
  • Egg and honey mask.
  • Cucumber and vitamin E
  • Carrot mask

Go to our article how to make a homemade mask for wrinkles if you want to see how you should prepare each of these and how to apply them.

How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles - Step 6

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  • If you smoke and want to have a wrinkle-free neck, then you should quit the habit as smoke damages collagen and there is therefore a higher number of possibilities of having excess wrinkles.

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How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles
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How To Avoid Neck Wrinkles

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