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How to Use Hair Mousse for Volume

By Sara . Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Use Hair Mousse for Volume

Whoever discovered hair mousse was a god-sent person. Yes, that’s the importance of hair mousse in the life of a frizzy haired girl. Not only does it control the frizz; it also keeps the curls intact, improves texture, protects the hair and works for all types of hair. Beside it also gives the enviable volume which we can be seen in the hairstyle of celebrities. If you want to know how to use hair mousse for volume then have a look at this oneHOWTO article.

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Steps to follow:


To achieve the voluminous hair always apply mousse on clean, damp hair. So, your first step should be to take a bottle of water and lightly spray it all over your mane, starting from the root to the tip.

If you accidentally spray too much water and make your hair dripping wet then dry it lightly with a towel till the hair is just damp. If you have just washed your hair then lightly towel dry it and then the hair will be ready for mousse.


Now it's time to apply the mousse. While applying mousse you must start from the root of the hair and then move on to the tip. Since, this way of applying mousse is a bit difficult while standing straight up; you can try bending down from your hips and then apply it. Alternatively, you can just flip over your head so that the hair hangs down.

How to Use Hair Mousse for Volume - Step 2

At first, section your hair. Then shake the can and hold it vertical. Always start from the nape of the neck. Spray some mousse into the root of one of the section at the beginning of the nape. Then with your finger spread the mousse evenly till the top of the hair of that section.

Continue this process till all the hair sections have been covered evenly with the mousse. Finally comb the hair using a gentle brush. You can also use a wide tooth comb to distribute the mousse evenly.

How to Use Hair Mousse for Volume - Step 3

The final step is to dry the moussed hair. This will help in achieving the volume in the hair. So, at first set the blow dryer to low. Then tilt your head sideways. Then blow dry your hair in a small circular motion. Use a paddle brush to give volume to the hair.

The best way is to gather most of the top hair and then secure it with a clip on top of head. Then pull a section of hair from the bottom and blow dry it while combing with a round brush. Continue drying sections of hair till all of them are dried completely. The brushing while blow drying will create volume and will also make your hair shiny.

How to Use Hair Mousse for Volume - Step 4

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How to Use Hair Mousse for Volume