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How to Use Argan Oil for Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: July 3, 2019
How to Use Argan Oil for Hair

If there is a product that is a revolution in hair cosmetics, it's argan oil. Coming from Morocco, this product is enriched with many vitamins and essential components that keep hair healthy and beautiful as a result of its incomparably deep hydrating properties. It is also good for combating frizz, preventing and treating dryness and giving hair a sublime shine. Would you like to know how to use argan oil for hair? If so, keep on reading this OneHowTo article.

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  1. Properties of argan oil for hair
  2. How to apply argan oil onto hair
  3. Hair masks with argan oil

Properties of argan oil for hair

Argan oil, also known as liquid gold, has become one of the most sought-after products for beautifying hair and leaving it with a super silky finish and an incredible shine. This product is also excellent for skincare as it has a wealth of benefits, as described below:

  • Thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids, argan oil is used to nourish and hydrate hair from root to tip, preventing drying and preventing the hair from becoming dull over time.
  • It balances the scalp because it contains polyphenols, which promote blood circulation and ensure that the cells receive the necessary nutrients. Argan oil is a good product for oxygenating hair, preventing excessive hair loss and encouraging healthy hair growth.
  • It improves the production of keratin, resulting in much stronger and thicker hair.
  • It contains vitamin E, which is ideal for rejuvenating hair, leaving it bouncy, silky smooth, full of life and strong.
How to Use Argan Oil for Hair - Properties of argan oil for hair

How to apply argan oil onto hair

Due to the excellent properties of argan oil, incorporating it into your daily hair beauty routine is something that will bring you a wealth of benefits in the long and short term. To take advantage of this product, it is important to apply it in a specific way in accordance with the condition of your hair and what you want to achieve. Note the following treatments and choose the one that best fits the needs of your hair:

  • For damaged, brittle and dry hair: apply argan oil from root to tip and let stand for 30 minutes. It is important to massage the scalp gently so that the oil penetrates the follicles well. Then comb the length of your hair for even distribution of the product. After this, wrap the hair in a towel and leave for another 20 minutes. After this time, rinse and perform a normal wash.
  • For split ends and damaged and dry tips: apply a few drops of argan oil to the tips of the hair only. You can leave for 1 hour or apply before you go to sleep, leaving it on overnight and washing your hair as normally in the morning.
  • For sensitive or flaky scalp: apply argan oil to the scalp only and massage gently with circular movements. Leave on overnight and wash your hair in the morning. Do not forget the importance of using a gentle shampoo to avoid irritating the skin in that area.
  • For oily hair: apply argan oil from the middle to the ends of the hair, avoiding the scalp to prevent greasiness. Then, comb to distribute the oil well. Let sit for 20 minutes and repeat the treatment once every two weeks.

One trick that gives excellent results and that you can use with the above treatments is to wrap the hair with a hot towel right after applying argan oil. The heat produces a vasodilating effect that makes the active ingredients of the product penetrate much better.

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair - How to apply argan oil onto hair

Hair masks with argan oil

You also have the option of combining argan oil with other equally effective natural products to revitalise and hydrate the hair, such as eggs, honey, avocado or aloe vera. Take note of the following masks and see the results for yourself:

Mask made from argan oil, egg and honey: Ideal for recovering lost softness and shine. Mix 1 egg, 1 tablespoon honey and 1/2 tablespoon of argan oil and apply the mask to the hair before wrapping it in a hot towel.

Mask made from argan oil and avocado: It is perfect for dry and damaged hair. Mash the pulp of an avocado and mix with 1 tablespoon argan oil. Cover the entire length of the hair with this and leave on for 20 or 30 minutes.

Mask made from argan oil and aloe vera: indicated for burned hair or dehydrated hair. Mix 3 teaspoons of argan oil with 6 of aloe vera and apply to the hair. Leave for 30 minutes.

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair - Hair masks with argan oil

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How to Use Argan Oil for Hair