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How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing

Want to put on that pair of shoes that you like but that are also impossible to wear? Do they hurt you and cause you unbearable pain every time you put them on? Although sores and swollen feet can seem unavoidable, the truth is that yes there are some tips that can save you from them and allow you to wear any pair of shoes without any fuss.

Whether it's your new shoes rubbing against the back of your ankle, or your favourite going-out shoes rubbing against your little toe and causing you agony, we have got a few tips to alleviate the pain! So don't wait any longer to discover in this OneHowTo article how you can stop shoes from rubbing.

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Steps to follow:


Firstly, while it may seem obvious, to stop shoes from rubbing it is critical that your shoes are the right size and perfect fit for your foot. By this we mean that before you buy them you should try them on and make sure you choose the right pair that are neither too big nor too small.

Also, you have to remember that it is common to have one foot bigger than the other, so we have to look at how we are both shoes and not just one. In case one shoe is a little bigger or moves up and down too much, you can fix it with a half insole so that it fits properly.

How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing - Step 1

Also, it is very important that before you wear a pair of new shoes for the first time you wear them around home to wear them in. It is not recommended to wear shoes for the first time to go to an event - such as a wedding - without having worn them before, because chances are, they will rub and hurt you.

Wearing new shoes around the house gives them a chance to adapt to the shape of your feet before you have to walk around in them - prevention is cheaper than the cure as they say!


A good home remedy to stop your shoes rubbing against your feet is to apply a little of your normal body moisturizer inside them in order to soften them so that they fit better, especially if they are leather.

Don't overdo the amount, you just apply some cream and smear onto the shoe until it is well covered; focus on the back, that is to say, the heel area and on the seam that your shoes might have. Similarly, you can also apply the cream onto your feet just before you put them on as well as the other tips that we show you in this article on remedies for painful feet.

How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing - Step 3

Another home remedy that will stop your shoes from hurting your feet is to put the pair of shoes in the freezer. Yes, yes... you read that right, you'll have to put them in a plastic bag to prevent them from getting damaged and then put them in the freezer for at least a couple of hours. When you take them out, you should immediately put them on so that they take the shape of your feet; obviously they will be cold so a pair of socks isn't a bad idea. Now it is time to walk around your home wearing the shoes so that they are shaped by your feet and should stop hurting you.


In shoe shops, shoe repairs or shoemakers and even in supermarkets and department stores you can find sprays specifically designed to soften shoes. Therefore, you can also choose this option, especially if your shoes are not leather or if the above tips have not worked out as you expected.

Similarly, you can use a shoe tree to try to stretch them and stop them from hurting you or rubbing. Insert these adjustable supports into your footwear and let them stretch out your shoes a little bit.

How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing - Step 5

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How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing