How to Spot a Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

How to Spot a Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren, one of the most prestigious brands on the market due to its high-quality clothes, constantly suffers from plagiarism and the sale of imitation products. Pay close attention to what you buy because it could be a fake. Although by sight it's not easy to detect, at oneHOWTO we'll give you some tricks so you know how to spot a fake Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

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Steps to follow:

Buy from official retailers. The first thing you need to to in order to spot a fake Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, is pretty obvious. Do not go to a street market or any non-specialized shop. In these places you'll most likely only find imitations and low quality clothes.


Check the price. Look at the cost of your purchase. Ralph Lauren polo shirts have a high price, as you can check in their official shops. Fake ones can be bought at low prices that do not match those of the original product.


Check the fabric. The fabric is an essential clue when detecting the quality of these products. Real Ralph Lauren polo shirts are made of delicate material, that is soft and hangs well while fake ones are not 100% cotton and therefore, their fabric doesn't have the same appearance or feel.


The logo. The horse, as the brand's symbol, is always perfectly embroidered on authentic polo shirts, without any mistakes in the stitching. However, on imitation polo shirts the horse has been glued or drawn on. It may even have been embroidered but there will be noticeable errors and evidence of poorly made seams.


The seams. In general, the seams on polo shirts are also usually different between the real thing and imitation. Real Ralph Lauren polo shirts have invisible, standardized seams. In the false polo shirts it is easy to detect uneven seams. They are often prominent and poorly made.


External labels are another factor that allow us to detect the authenticity of Ralph Lauren polo shirts. The false ones may not have them and if they do, they are often poorly written, with poorly made seams, bad embroidery, etc.

The inside of the label will also give you the instructions you need to follow in order to wash it, not with washing symbols, but in letters too. The official Ralph Lauren address will also be written too.


The buttons. Apart from being very finely stitched too, you should also check how many there are, as Ralph Lauren polo shirts only have two buttons on them.


Now you know how to spot a fake Ralph Lauren polo shirt, let's take a look at how to spot other fake designer items such as the following:

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  • Consult the prices and types in a specialty shop before buying your Ralph Lauren polo shirt.
  • If you try on a size, check that the torso, sleeves and collar are proportional.

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How to Spot a Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
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How to Spot a Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
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