Removing dark circles from the eyes

How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 25, 2021
How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick

Have you tried everything to hide your dark circles and have not managed to achieve it? Pay attention to this OneHowTo article because in addition to using correctors or home remedies, a YouTuber who specialises in beauty tips devised a trick and shared it via the internet. It went viral and was highly successful. Although it may seem strange, the infallible trick for eliminating these unsightly dark shadows involves using red lipstick until you've completely hidden them. If you want to know how to use this wonderful trick, keep reading because this OneHowTo article explains how to remove dark circles with red lipstick step by step.

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Steps to follow:


For this makeup trick, you just need an orangey-red creamy matt lipstick from your makeup bag. This cosmetic acts by camouflaging dark circles completely, so you can show off a really good appearance that's well-rested, more awake and bright.

How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick - Step 1

Before you start applying red lipstick on the eye area, ensure your skin is completely clean and free of debris. Firstly, wash your face with a gel cleanser and remove your makeup. Pay attention to the eye area by removing all traces of mascara, eyeshadows or eye liner, otherwise this technique will not give you the expected results.

How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick - Step 2

Once you have a clean face, moisturise your skin, especially the area around the eyes. Remember this is a far more delicate and sensitive area than the rest of the face. It needs specific nutrition to stay moisturised and young. Ideally use a specific cream for the eye contour that contains ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and retinol, and apply it before you start to apply makeup.

To apply this product correctly, use light touches and avoid dragging the product. You can also put a little in the area where crow's feet usually appear to prevent and/or mitigate existing lines.

How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick - Step 3

After these two steps, your skin is completely ready to remove those dark circles using red lipstick. To achieve a perfect finish and avoid blue, green or lilac colours detracting from the beauty of your face, follow the steps detailed below:

  • You need a small brush and one that's a little wider, such as those used for smudging eyeshadow. Apply some red lipstick to this brush without adding too much.
  • Next, apply red lipstick with a brush marking all around the eyes, particularly the dark circle areas. Then do the same in the upper eyelid area. Apply it giving small touches without dragging the lipstick.
  • When you've made an outline, smudge the red lipstick with the brush until both eye contours are left with a red smudge.
  • Finally, to eliminate dark circles permanently, apply your usual makeup base all over the face, particularly in the dark circle area until the red lip tone has been completely camouflaged. Preferably apply your foundation with a sponge so the coverage is greater.
How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick - Step 4

This trick is indeed useful and flattering for women who have slightly darker complexions. In the case of fair skin, you need to look for the right tone of lipstick that allows you to obtain the same effect.

This technique for covering dark circles with red lipstick works because it follows a premise that professional makeup artists use every day in their work. It is based on correcting colour imbalances on facial skin by using opposite tones. So, a green corrector is used to cover redness, whilst the colour red is useful for hiding dark circles or greenish blue on semi-dark skin.

How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick - Step 5

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How to Remove Dark Circles With Red Lipstick