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How to Relieve Callus Pain

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Relieve Callus Pain

Calluses on feet cause discomfort and pain to a lot of people, especially when walking. Calluses are formed after wearing shoes that are too tight, having sweaty feet, spending all day walking, etc., and although there are some ways to avoid calluses on your feet sometimes they are unavoidable. Going to a chiropodist is always the best solution to remove calluses but so that you can go about your daily life without too much trouble, in this OneHowTo article we give you tips on how to relieve callus pain.

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Steps to follow:


First, remember that good foot care and prevention are the best way to avoid calluses on your feet. While they may be rather small, we need to attention to our feet and give them the consideration they require, as they are responsible for supporting our weight and allowing us to get about.


Also, it is also important to see a chiropodist when the first signs of these flaws appear on our feet: excessive sweating, hard skin, foot pain, etc.

How to Relieve Callus Pain - Step 2

In many cases, foot pain caused by hard foot skin is due to a bad posture while walking and, for example, when we support all our weight on a very small area of the foot. Therefore, we need to be examined by a specialist and, if necessary, correct it with an orthopedic insole or whatever solution is deemed appropriate.

How to Relieve Callus Pain - Step 3

Another factor that causes corns and calluses on our feet - and the resulting pain - is wearing inappropriate footwear. For example, women who wear high heels too often and/or tight shoes are more likely to suffer from this ailment. So it is important to choose your shoes carefully, making sure that you buy the right size and that they are suitable for different occasions.

How to Relieve Callus Pain - Step 4

To reduce foot pain, it is advisable to opt for shoes made from soft, flexible materials and that allow your skin to breathe. Also, you shouldn't wear the same shoes every day, but alternate between different types of shoe: trainers, moccasins, sandals in summer, boots in winter, etc.

How to Relieve Callus Pain - Step 5

Our foot hygiene is another key factor, so we should always keep them clean and pay close attention when drying them, especially between the toes. Also, we should hydrate them properly using a cream or lotion, especially on the areas of hard skin to prevent them from drying out.

How to Relieve Callus Pain - Step 6

There are also other cosmetic products that may help treat the hard foot skin, as is the case with exfoliating creams as well as scraping the calluses with a pumice stone, which is the most effective way to keep this hard skin on our feet at bay.

How to Relieve Callus Pain - Step 7

We should remind you once more that the best solution is to go to a podiatrist who can recommend the appropriate treatment. But we can also offer some tips and home remedies on how to remove foot calluses naturally.

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  • Ask your podiatrist to recommend the best solution for your foot problems.
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How to Relieve Callus Pain