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How To Make White Henna At Home

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Make White Henna At Home

People are talking more about white henna these days. When you search over the Internet, you will find millions of stunning designs made with white henna instead of traditional red henna. You must also have seen it in the hands of ladies at weddings or festivals. White henna is becoming an exciting alternative for people with darker skin tones, and also for western culture oriented women who want a change in traditional red henna styles. We have already told you how to make mehndi paste at home. Here at, we are going to talk about what white henna is, and how to make white henna at home.

  1. What is white henna?
  2. How to make white henna at home
  3. How to make white henna cones

What is white henna?

Natural red henna is a plant which leaves red stains on a person’s skin, hair or nails. But white henna is not a plant. It can be a body paint which washes off by the end of the day. If you choose a water-proof body paint, it can stay on your skin for as many as 7 days. It can even be scratched off, without leaving any scars or stains on your skin. It can also be a cosmetic adhesive, an adhesive glitter powder, a water based gel or a tattoo paint which can be piped on your skin to give an effect of henna designs.

Did you know that, apart from red and white henna, there is a powder called "black henna"? Learn its properties and how to dye your hair with it through our tutorial.

How to make white henna at home

Most commonly, white henna is made up of face paint that usually washes off within a few hours. White henna does not stain your skin like red henna. You can buy any good quality body paint, and enjoy this latest look safely. Some body paints can even be waterproof, which can last much longer than their non-resistant counterparts.

You may also make white henna by using mica tattoos and glitter. To achieve that shimmery look, make a design with a cosmetic adhesive on your skin, and then dust it with a cosmetic-grade mica powder or glitter. A white henna design with glitter on it looks fantastic.

You can have an effect of white henna by using foil tattoos on your skin. The best thing is that they are waterproof, non-toxic, and last so long. You can easily apply it with water, and remove quickly with rubbing alcohol. What you should be careful about is black henna tattoos as they might contain PPD, a dangerous allergen.

How To Make White Henna At Home - How to make white henna at home

How to make white henna cones

White henna, which is usually adhesive body paint, is thinner than traditional henna. So, if you are planning to make henna designs with it, and want to do that with henna cones, then the paint may flow out of the hole in your cone. So, make sure that you have tightly rolled the cone, and the hole is completely tight. Use a bulb pipette to fill your cones with the paint, and then tape the open end of the cone securely. You can now use this cone to make attractive white henna designs on your skin.

How To Make White Henna At Home - How to make white henna cones

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How To Make White Henna At Home