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How to make a homemade nail hardener

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make a homemade nail hardener

Enjoying beautiful and healthy hands is essential to reflect an attractive and healthy image. But many of us stumble upon the problem of fragile and brittle nailsthat prevent us from having presentable hands that are in good condition. There are natural products effective in the task of strengthen nails and helping these grow healthier, and a great way to leverage there effects is to make a homemade nail hardener. Discover the step by step guide in the following OneHowTo article so you know how to make it yourself.

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Steps to follow:


Preparing a nail hardener at home to help us to maintain healthy and beautiful nails at all times is very simple, because the necessary products are easily available and inexpensive. You will need:

- A nail polish or clear varnish that you can buy in any store.

- Garlic. Garlic is one of the best natural ingredients to strengthen nails and combat fragility as well as bacteria and fungal infections.

- Lemon juice. Lemon is also a fruit that has very good properties to strengthen and reinforce nails, promoting their growth.

- Vitamin E capsules are great allies for nails and hair to grow faster and healthier. They are available in any pharmacy.

How to make a homemade nail hardener - Step 1

Once you have prepared all products, the first step to making the hardener is to open the clear varnish and pour a vitamin E capsule into it. Open the capsule by jabbing it with the help of a pin, do it carefully to avoid spilling the liquid.


Peel three cloves of garlic and rinse them for a few seconds in hot water. Now crush the cloves of garlic with a mortar and further chop in a food processor. Finally, pour the garlic juice obtained when crushed into the clear varnish.

How to make a homemade nail hardener - Step 3

Now we must prepare the lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon and pour about 20 drops of the resulting juice in the varnish.

How to make a homemade nail hardener - Step 4

Finally, close the varnish and shake it vigorously to see that it has changed colour. Now it's ready! With these simple steps it is possible to make a homemade nail hardener at home which is very effective.


Now you've made your nail hardener, it's time to apply it on your nails. You can do so with the nail brush or with a bit of cotton wool. Make sure you cover the whole nail, cuticles and to each nail's underside too.


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Garlic is the main ingredient for hardening the nails. its simple just cut up a garlic clove and just shove it into all your nails and you will see quick results right away. no kidding.
How often should it be applied
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Micxy,

You can use this nail hardener for as long as needed. You can even use it daily until you find you have improvement, then use less as required.
Great article. Thanks for sharing it.
I need to grow my nails hard it is very soft
OneHowTo Editor
Hope this homemade nail hardener works.
Follow the instructions and let us know about the results!
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How to make a homemade nail hardener