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How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up

Eye bags are an aesthetic problem for many of us, it makes the face look tired and reduces the natural beauty of the eyes. These bags appear under the eyes have several causes, appearing as effects of ageing or due to other factors such as poor diet, fluid retention, fatigue, genetics, etc. Although very difficult to control and reduce another possibility is to camouflage them to make them less visible by using some make up tricks. In OneHowTo we show you some for you to discover how to hide under eye bags with make up.

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Steps to follow:


The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive, so before starting we must prepare the skin. First, thoroughly remove all traces of make up and mascara from around the area and then apply eye contour cream, one that is refreshing and will reduce swelling and keep skin hydrated. It is important for the treatment to be effective that you apply it around the eyes with small touches from the outside inwards, this will help reduce eye bags.


Now, with a good clean face, we can implement the first step to hide under eye bags with make up. Our best ally will be the corrector. Ideally apply the corrector just under the bag, that is, in the recessed portion. Unlike the dark lines beneath the eyes, to work on bags specifically we must not apply a corrector with a light tone as this will not camouflage but rather highlight the bags. Choose a beige corrector similar to your skin colour or a tone darker, these are perfect to camouflage the prominence of the bags. For best results you can do this step before and after applying your foundation.

How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up - Step 2

It is important to note that if you want to hide under eye bags with make up you should not use a foundation that provides too much brightness to the face. Matt foundations are better, then use a small brush to apply a little translucent powder.


Dark eyeliners are not suitable when trying to hide bags under the eyes because it highlights the swelling and hardens the look. Opt for lining the eye with a beige pencil so that your eyes look bigger, awake and bright.

How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up - Step 4

The same applies to eye shadows, avoid dark colours that will make your eyelids look fallen and replace them with nude and natural colours. If you notice your eyes still look dull, try applying a little highlighter just below the eyebrow.

Learn how to apply eye makeup according to your eye shape to make your eye and not your eye bags stand out.

How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up - Step 5

Another great trick to hide the under eye bags with make up so to be more attractive, is to mark the eyebrows well with a pencil and fill out the less populated areas. With that, the focus will be on the top of the eye rather than at the bottom.

How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up - Step 6

In OneHowTo you can also discover how to reduce eye bags with home remedies, a solution that will allow you to tackle the problem economically.

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How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up