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How to do Your Make-up if You're Over 40

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to do Your Make-up if You're Over 40

Are you approaching 40 or well into your senior years? Maybe you've become fed up with the amount of make-up tutorials on the internet that only seem to cater to younger women with younger skin types. It's a fact that with age, comes changes, especially for our skin. This OneHowTo article aims to show you how you can do your make-up that will not only suit your age, but also suit your skin type and make you shine! If you'd like to hide away some of those revealing marks of old age, including wrinkles, we've got some beauty tips here for you to try when you're next applying your make-up. It's all about using the right products and adding some pizzaz to do your beautiful face justice! Read and discover how to apply your make-up if you're 40 or over, because age is just a number!

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Steps to follow:


The first and most important thing is cleaning and moisturising the skin properly, because this is the only way to avoid make-up products playing tricks on you and enhancing the signs of aging on the skin or giving way to new, nasty imperfections. Due to wrinkles, mature skin should be cleaned twice a day, morning and evening, with facial gels that are moisturising and which have powerful anti-aging components to lift the skin. After that, don't forget to apply a facial nourishing cream. Consider your skin type when choosing a cream and always opt for those with ingredients like collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, antioxidants or AHA. They are perfect to give your skin a good light tone, keeping it young and reducing existing wrinkles.

For more details, we recommend you check the tips from the article caring for the skin at 40 and over.

How to do Your Make-up if You're Over 40 - Step 1

As we age, our skin gets more dry, dull and opaque. So, you should check the foundation and replace it if necessary, because the tone may not be the most appropriate for you. Go see a make-up artist at the store, listen to their recommendations because they know their stuff!

From 40 onwards, we recommended you use foundations as topcoats but they should be fluid or creamy to blend into any fine lines and wrinkles that are visible. Also, you should consider opting for make-up that incorporates pigments in the formulation for a light opacity to give a radiant look.

As for the tone of the make-up, it is best to opt for a similar skin tone or even a little clearer if you see that your skin looks duller now and that it's covered in dark spots or a dark tone. The main thing is don't overdo your make-up. Place very little in areas with more wrinkles, because otherwise you'll get a cakey effect in those areas and they can be be much more noticeable.

How to do Your Make-up if You're Over 40 - Step 2

One of the most frequent errors committed by many older women with their make-up is applying far too much corrector. Be very careful with this, because although they may help disguise dark circles and other imperfections, fine lines highlight excess. In case you want to use this product, choose one with a light and fluid texture (avoiding doughy) and apply a very small amount in the areas that you consider necessary.


The skin of the eyelids and eye contour gradually become thinner and thinner with age and, because of its delicacy, this is one of the areas that tends to age faster and wrinkle quite easily. To reduce the visibility of the signs of aging and to look pretty to some degree, we cover in detail the tips you should consider for eye make-up:

  • Choose matte shadows. Avoid those that are metallic or bright as they accentuate the wrinkles of the eyelids.
  • Opt for smoky eyes in light, neutral colour, like nude, beige, pastels, peach or light pink. These manage to soften the expression and brighten your look, unlike the dark tones that harden and belittle your eyes.
  • Apply eye shadow gently with strokes, using the brush to give you the effect of looking up.
  • If you want to add a light touch to the look, apply a little white or beige shadow on the brow and near the tear duct.
  • Avoid outlines in black and other profiled eyes, as these make the eyes look much smaller. Lining the botton of your eye with a white or beige pencil is a great choice to enlarge them.
  • Over the years you may have lost some of your eyelash thickness. So to highlight them, apply a generous layer of mascara with a volume effect. To get a little extra to obtain a curved look, use an eyelash curler.
How to do Your Make-up if You're Over 40 - Step 4

Another amazing make-up trick for women around 40 or even is to enhance the cheekbones with a blush or blusher. To achieve a firming effect, you have to apply from the cheek to the temple. Stroke upwards with a brush. Don't use any strong brown shades. Opt for rose tints and melon colours to add light, freshness and an element of youth.


Contouring your lips becomes increasinly difficult as you get older. We recommend that before applying anything on your lips, you should profile them with a pencil in a sweet, natural tone. It's also helpful to be careful with make-up when doing up your lips. Try not to overdo it or stain the surrounding skin.

In the same way as eye make-up, your lips are much more flattering when done in light and bright colours that, unlike darker shades and tone, provide much greater volume and these also serve to soften your older facial features.

How to do Your Make-up if You're Over 40 - Step 6

With all these tricks to do make-up for someone who is over 40, you'll always look good and feel confident no matter your age.

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How to do Your Make-up if You're Over 40