When to Start Using Eye Cream

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
When to Start Using Eye Cream

The area around the eyes is much more delicate and sensitive than other parts of the face, since the skin is very thin and tends to wrinkle more easily as the years pass. In addition, eyes are exposed to many irritating external agents on a daily basis, as well as to long hours of watching TV, sitting at the computer or reading, which can end up causing the appearance of unsightly dark circles and bags if you do not take care of it properly. If you have also wondered what the perfect age is to start including an eye contour cream in your beauty regime, pay attention to this OneHowTo article because we answer the question: When to start using eye cream?

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What does eye cream do?

Eye cream is a cosmetic used to hydrate skin around the eyes, helping to prevent dryness and the appearance of premature wrinkles or crow's feet. In addition to working against aging, it is also ideal for treating dark circles and combatting bags, by reactivating the blood circulation around the eye area. Therefore, do not hesitate to use the best eye cream for you, and it'll start to give you a much brighter and prettier look.

When to Start Using Eye Cream - What does eye cream do?

When to start using eye cream

To find out when to start using eye cream it is essential to consider your age because your skin's needs change as the years go by.

Generally, the recommended age to start applying a cream for the eye contour is 20 although this could be brought forward if they have already started to use eye makeup. Of course, you should choose a cream that will moisturize skin, offering good moisturizing and soothing properties, and that contains specific ingredients for this purpose such as vitamin E. A daily lotion that keeps your skin youthful, well maintained and hydrated will do.

However, from the age of 25 or 30 eye creams with anti-aging formulas, containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or retinol are recommended. With mature skin, creams with antioxidant properties and that promote the production of collagen are excellent, helping to keep your skin forever young and radiant.

Choosing the eye cream

As well as bearing in mind your age when choosing the best eye cream for beautiful and youthful skin, you should also take your skin type into account. In the shops, you will find countless eye creams with special formulas for dry, oily or sensitive skin, so it is imperative to select cosmetics that suit the needs of your skin to avoid counterproductive effects.

You can also learn to make homemade eye cream by yourself too!

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When to Start Using Eye Cream
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When to Start Using Eye Cream

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