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How to Get Rid of Static Hair Without Hair Products

Rebecca Doughty
By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: August 31, 2020
How to Get Rid of Static Hair Without Hair Products

We've all had static hair at one point, most of us will have rubbed a balloon on our heads and found it amusing as all our hair stands upright to attention on our heads. It's less funny when you're getting ready for work or a night out and your hair resembles somebody who has recently suffer a mild electric shock. Static hair is usually caused by dry air combined with low humidity. This can happen for any number of reasons and unfortunately is more common in the winter months, but how do you stop it? Brushing it will make it worse, and we don't always have hair products to hand to calm it down. So here at OneHowTo, we're going to tell you how to get rid of static hair without hair products.

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  1. Wash less
  2. Dryer sheets
  3. Comb don't brush
  4. Avoid plastic
  5. Humidifier

Wash less

Skipping a day in between washes can lessen your chance of having static hair. Dry hair is more likely it is to suffer from static charge. The natural oils produced by your scalp will keep the moisture in your hair, therefore less washing means less static!

If you feel your hair looks too greasy to skip a days washing, you could invest in some dry shampoo. Otherwise you might want to look at how to make clean hair last longer for some tips!

Dryer sheets

Using dryer sheets can really help towards getting rid of static hair. By rubbing them along your hair brush and combs it can help eliminate static charge. In the winter months when the air is much cooler, try keeping your hair brushes wrapped in the sheets. If your hair is already static, rub a dryer sheet along the top to calm the flyaway down. It sounds a bit strange but it does work!

Comb don't brush

Using combs instead of a hairbrush will also help to avoid static hair. Brushing causes friction between hair strands which in turn leads to static. The teeth on a comb are further apart than the bristles on your hair brush, so less friction is placed on your hair stands. If you do have to use a hairbrush, use natural bristles as they are less prone to the static charge.

How to Get Rid of Static Hair Without Hair Products - Comb don't brush

Avoid plastic

Plastic combs are the worst for contributing to static as they conduct the charge. So if you're using combs, buy a metal one and it will reduce the chance of static hair!


If you have one, turn it one. Humidifiers increase the moisture levels in your room so the air will be less dry which means your hair is less likely to suffer from static. If you don't have one, it probably isn't vital that you run out and buy one, try all the above before making an extravagant purchase in the name of static hair!

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How to Get Rid of Static Hair Without Hair Products