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How To Make Clean Hair Last Longer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 15, 2022
How To Make Clean Hair Last Longer
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Have you noticed that your hair gets dirty easily, looks greasy and appears as though it hasn't been washed? This may be because your hair is naturally oily, or from excessive hair washing or simply from using the wrong kind of shampoo. Following a series of tips and techniques you can keep your hair cleaner for longer, making it look prettier, healthier and shinier! Discover them in this OneHowTo article and try them out.

Steps to follow:


Contrary to what you might think, washing your hair every day can be one of the reasons that it gets greasy quickly. To keep your hair clean and healthy wash it every two days or at least three times a week, although this will also depend on hair type.


There are specific shampoos for every type of hair: normal, oily, dry, for dandruff, etc. Use the most appropriate one for you, and consider changing shampoo every so often as this too has certain benefit.

Make sure to select the type carefully, as if you use the wrong kind of shampoo your hair will not be thoroughly cleaned and will contain residues that make it look matted and oily.

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The technique you use to wash your hair can also keep it cleaner for longer. First, wet your hair with warm water to get rid of the grease and then apply the shampoo by massaging the scalp carefully.

Rinse your hair with warm water, and wash it again to make it clean, soft and shiny. If you use a cream or conditioner treatment, make sure that this is rinsed completely from your hair.


Do not let your hair stay wet for long after washing, as wet hair is effectively swollen with moisture, which makes it more fragile. It is important to remove excess water with a towel and let it air-dry or use a hairdryer.


Before washing, brush your hair with a comb with soft bristles to remove any knots, tangles and dirt particles. in this way, you will make the washing more effective and your hair will look and feel more clean and beautiful.

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The habits of running your hands through your hair and playing with it are habits that you need to break if you want to keep your hair clean! All this does is move all the dirt and grease from our hands to our hair.

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How To Make Clean Hair Last Longer