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How to Do 1920s Finger Waves

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Do 1920s Finger Waves

Vintage hairstyles never goes out of style. One such hairstyle is the 1920s finger waves. This fun, flirty, chic hairstyle is one of the best bob hairstyles. Sporting this hairstyle for a 1920s costume or on special occasion such as a wedding or during any festival will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in creating this vintage hairstyle, then keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out how to do 1920s finger waves.

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Steps to follow:


Before you start creating your 1920s finger waves hairstyle, make sure that you have the necessary equipment. You will need:

  • Hair gel
  • A fine tooth comb
  • Some metal straight clamp
  • Some metal wave clamp

At first prep your hair by washing and conditioning it. Then dry it gently with a soft towel. Do not dry it thoroughly. Let your hair be damp as this styling requires wet hair to hold the style.

How to Do 1920s Finger Waves - Step 2

Take a good quality hair gel and apply it on the top and front of your hair. Then using the fine tooth comb, part your hair straight on one side extending it till it reaches the crown of your head. Comb the larger side of the part.


Place the straight clamp at the position from which you want the finger waves to appear. Then place your forefingers over it and press down. This will make sure that the hair remains in the forward combed position. Now take the fine tooth comb and comb the finger near your hair backwards i.e. comb in the backward direction so that the hair goes in the opposite direction and lifts a bit.


Use the forefinger and the middle finger on each side of the lifted hair. With the other hand place the metal wave clamp over the raised hair. Make sure that the clamp is parallel to the part in hair.

How to Do 1920s Finger Waves - Step 5

Use the same technique to make more waves. So, repeat combing the hair forward, then placing the forefinger, then combing the hair backward and placing the middle finger and then clamping the hair between forefinger and middle finger with metal wave clamp.Use the same technique for the hair on other side of parting. Soft curls at the end are best way to style rest of the hair.

How to Do 1920s Finger Waves - Step 6

Then let your hair dry completely. Even the hair in between the clamp should be dried completely before taking off the clamps. After taking off the clamps, spray generous amount of hairspray all over the hair. Do not comb your hair after taking off the clamp or else your hair won’t hold the look. Finally dress up in a 20s outfit and put on some vintage jewelry to complete the 1920s finger waves hairstyle look.

Note: Even though finger waves are best suited for bobbed hair or on short hair, it can be sported on long hair. On long hair, finger waves can be created till shoulder length and you can curl the rest of hair and tie them as a bun / chignon at the nape of the neck.

How to Do 1920s Finger Waves - Step 7

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How to Do 1920s Finger Waves