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How to decorate your nails with sticky tape

How to decorate your nails with sticky tape

You want to look creative and have beautifully coloured nails? Now you can get it easily and economically thanks to a small trick: using tape. It is about creating lines and shapes with the help of the tape so that the end result is impeccable and your nails look perfect. If you want to be up-to-date on nail art, discover how to decorate your nails with tape in this OneHowTo article.

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Steps to follow:

The first step to decorating nails with tape is to apply a layer of gloss or hardener. This will help protect the nails and will make the design remain intact longer. Learn how to make your own nail hardener at home in this OneHowTo article.


Now choose a nail colour which you like and apply it as a basis for for the tape decorations. We, as seen in the image, opted for a pink tone that combines great with the lilac colour used later. You can also learn how to make your own nail polish to get the perfect shade.


Once the nail polish has dried, it is time to use the tape, which should be opaque to prevent paint jump. Cut strips of tape that are thin and glue on the nail based on the design you like.


Now choose another colour enamel and paint the entire nail over the tape and you will achieve a design of two very original colours. It is also possible to design with three colours, painting each side in a different tone, as we see in the second picture. With a little imagination, you can create very nice colour combinations. Very important! Remove the tape before the nail polish dries otherwise it will peel the polish off your perfectly manicured nails.


Finally, when it has dried, apply a light coat of clear finishing coat nail polish to set the design and you are ready! You'll have your nails decorated and well kept. With strips of adhesive tape it is very easy to try nails different colours, do not hesitate to try it and see how they are.

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How to decorate your nails with sticky tape
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How to decorate your nails with sticky tape