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How to Color your Hair with Henna

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Color your Hair with Henna

Pure, natural henna is widely used as a chemical-free, wonderful and safe hair color. It can be effectively used to cover grey hair, deepen and brighten brown hair, and add to them a wonderful reddish shine. In addition to coloring hair, henna also conditions hair, and keeps them shiny and soft. You can add different ingredients to henna to achieve different benefits, both in terms of color and hair health. This article will discuss about how to color your hair with henna.

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  1. Gather supplies
  2. Mix the henna paste
  3. Protect your clothes and skin
  4. Preparation of hair
  5. Henna paste application
  6. Rinse out
  7. Relax

Gather supplies

If you are planning to color your hair with henna, first of all gather the supplies required for the procedure. These include natural henna powder, a mixing liquid such as chamomile tea, lemon juice or orange juice, a mixing bowl, a spoon, a measuring cup, some old rags or waste towels, Vaseline, hair clips, plastic gloves and a plastic shower cap.

Mix the henna paste

Mix one cup of the mixing liquid with one cup of henna powder in a mixing bowl. Leave overnight or keep for 12 hours. Add some water until the paste reaches a consistency like yogurt. Leave it for 12 more hours after which it will be ready for use. For detailed instructions, read our article at How to Make Mehndi Paste for Hair.

How to Color your Hair with Henna - Mix the henna paste

Protect your clothes and skin

Before you apply henna on your hair, pin an old rag or waste towel around your neck so that your shoulders and clothes do not become stained. Apply some Vaseline along your hair line and temples to prevent your skin from getting stained with henna color.

Preparation of hair

Take small sections of your hair to evenly cover all the roots. Divide hair into four sections, and clip each one to keep it out of the way. You may divide your hair into more sections if your hair is too thick or too long. It is better to wear plastic gloves while applying the henna paste, as it will prevent your nails and hands from getting stained.

Henna paste application

Work with one hair section at a time. Begin by applying the paste at roots and work up the way till the ends, making sure that each area gets covered thoroughly. When you have covered all your hair with the henna paste, hold it up on top of the head. You may use some clips to hold your hair in place. Wrap your hair pile with a plastic shower cap. This will prevent your hair from drying out very fast, and will also save your furniture and walls from staining.

Rinse out

After keeping the henna paste for around 2 hours, rinse it out with cool water. Use a drain catcher in your sink to prevent your sewage from getting clogged. Apply a conditioner afterwards. Alternatively, you can apply some Cassia together with henna, it will work better than regular conditioners. Stay normal for a day, and shampoo the next morning.


The henna color may look too bright for the first 2 days. But this is normal, and will subside on its own. Within 2 days, the bright color will start toning down, and your hair will look naturally healthy and properly colored. For specific tips on coloring afro hair with henna, check our article.

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How to Color your Hair with Henna