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How to Care For Lip Contour

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care For Lip Contour

There are areas of the face where the skin is much more delicate and sensitive. This means that it tends to age more quickly and noticeably suffer the effects of the passage of time. Problematic areas include eyes and lip area, where wrinkles and expression lines may form sooner than expected. OneHowTo focuses on how to care for lip contour in this article, providing tips you should take note of to keep looking young and preventing your skin from ageing prematurely. Pay attention and put them into practice!

Steps to follow:

Lack of hydration is a major cause of premature aging of the lip contour, as well as the loss of brightness and suppleness. For this reason, it is vita that you moisturize the skin in this area when you apply your moisturizer to the rest of the face. Make sure you also nourish the skin around the lips to prevent the appearance of unsightly vertical wrinkles that add years to your face.

We recommend applying moisturizer to the lip contour, dabbing gently with your fingertips to boost blood circulation in the area and thus delay the ageing process.

How to Care For Lip Contour - Step 1

In addition to the above, to care for lip contour you should keep in mind that, as we age, both the shape and volume of the lips changes and the border fades. This accelerates and further encourages the appearance of wrinkles in this area. As a result of this, a product specifically designed for the skin around the lips is recommended after a certain age - between 25 and 30 years old. This should be used in conjunction with an anti-ageing cream, and should be applied on a daily basis.

On the market, you will find specific treatments to boost youthfulness in this area, improve suppleness and even reduce and fill in existing wrinkles. Among those who offer better results are creams that contain hyaluronic acid and retinol. Dab on to skin gently to encourage maximum absorption.

How to Care For Lip Contour - Step 2

Exfoliation is another essential skincare routine to keep the thin skin around the lips smooth and looking its best. You probably already exfoliate this area when you apply an exfoliating lotion to the skin. However, we recommend that you focus a little more on this area, or that you do the following once a week.

Simply mix some sugar with a teaspoon of honey and stir until it forms a smooth paste. Then, with a soft bristle toothbrush, apply the homemade scrub to the lip contour using a circular motion. This will remove all the dead cells and leave the area much smoother. If you like, you can learn how to make a lip scrub here.

How to Care For Lip Contour - Step 3

As we mentioned above, the lip line is one of the facial areas that tend to age quickly, given how extremely delicate it is. On top of this, this lip area is subject to continuous gestures and movements which can accelerate aging. Shouting, drinking with a straw, slurping, whistling, pouting... and ultimately, any exaggerated gesture made with the lips can cause the skin to wrinkle prematurely. We don't suggest suppressing your emotions and expressions; simply bear this in mind from now on and restrain yourself slightly in this regard.

How to Care For Lip Contour - Step 4

It is scientifically proven that tobacco is one factor that accelerates aging of the skin, causing severe dehydration which results in very noticeable and deep premature wrinkling. Furthermore, smoking can also cause those dreadful vertical wrinkles to be much more visible and noticeable, as a result of the facial expression made when drawing on a cigarette. So, if you do smoke, giving it up will not just be beneficial to your skin, but also to your general health. If you need some help, check out the following articles: How to quit smoking and How to deal with anxiety after quitting smoking.

How to Care For Lip Contour - Step 5

Do not forget to protect your lip line from the sun because the UV rays have a great effect on such a delicate area as this. Apply moisturizers will a built-in SPF - the same goes for cosmetics and lip balms. When you expose your skin to the sun for quite some time, protect it with a high-factor sunscreen designed for facial skin.

All this coupled with good hydration - drinking plenty of water a day - and a healthy, balanced diet, including foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants (ideal for keeping skin perfect), will help keep the lip contour looking youthful and radiant.

How to Care For Lip Contour - Step 6

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How to Care For Lip Contour