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How to Care for Grey Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for Grey Hair

As we age our hair loses its pigment and grey hairs appear; white and rebellious hairs that are so difficult to tame. When grey hairs start to appear there are those who seek every last resource to hide them whilst others who accept them with dignity believing graying hair is just another part of life. This OneHowTo article is dedicated to the latter of these groups, an article which will reveal everything you need to know on how to care for grey hair.

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Steps to follow:


The world of cosmetics is progressing steadily and thanks to its inventions today we can find in shops shampoo and conditioners for grey hair care. These products are ideal to provide the moisture needed for hair without pigment to regain its softness and also offer brightness so that grey hair looks nice and shiny.


Besides shampoo and conditioner to care for grey hair, there are anti-ageing hair treatments which create a layer of proteins that protect it from external damage and increase light in the hair strands to make it look healthier. Usually these products are sprays applied after washing for styling hair and reduce dryness.

You can also try henna as a healthy treatment for grey hair.

How to Care for Grey Hair - Step 2

To care for grey hair you need anti-hair loss balms and treatments as the loss of pigmentation weakens hair strands and there greater hair loss. Anti-hair loss ampoules are an excellent choice as they are applied directly massaging the scalp, which stimulates blood circulation and helps growth. You can also make use of home treatments to promote hair growth.

How to Care for Grey Hair - Step 3

Caring for your diet is also important to have healthy grey hair. Eating foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B complex is important for hair to regain lost strength and gain vitality. Vitamins for hair like biotin are also a good tool to help hair grow healthy.

How to Care for Grey Hair - Step 4

When the grey hairs appear so does dryness, which is responsible for grey hair being difficult to style. Combat dry hair using home remedies for dry hair and moisturizing hair masks that nourish the hair with balms like olive oil or the creaminess of avocado to counteract this negative effect of grey hair.

How to Care for Grey Hair - Step 5

Now that you have grey hair it is more necessary than ever to get a hair cut every two months. When hair is cut the thread regenerates and receives more easily the natural oils produced by the scalp. No need to wear a short hair style, but make sure that you ends do not look damaged so to avoid this from spreading to the root.


In salons you can find treatments to improve the color of your grey hair. With time, you can have a yellowish and opaque grey tone, this can be combated making silvery highlights in the hair which will restore shine and the grey appearance they need. Ask your stylist what are the options of color and care on offer.

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Just because you have grey hair this does not mean you do not need hair sunscreen. Quite the contrary, grey hair must also be protected from UV rays to prevent dryness intensifying and damaging strands. For more information we advise you to read our article on 6 ways to protect your hair from summer damage.

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Pauline W-D
Finally there are products and more information coming forth to address the greying afro hair types. Some seniors of African decent have grey hair and some of us age with white hair. For those of us who want to naturally style, care and moisturize our hair without changing the color, keep us in mind and keep us informed.
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How to Care for Grey Hair