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Caring for your Highlighted Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 1, 2017
Caring for your Highlighted Hair

Highlights that are applied from the root following the Californian style are the change in look most chosen by women as to give life and brightness to their hair and make them feel more attractive. But for the highlights to be well maintained with a good appearance we must conduct a series of specific care practices to help hair look healthy and strong although coloured. Follow carefully these OneHowTo tips and discover how to care for your highlighted hair.

Steps to follow:


Hair with highlights or steaks is a mixture of natural hair, bleached hair and dyed hair, so it will be essential to care for it as if it were coloured completely. The goal is to avoid highlights losing their tone and ensuring hair is not weakened or excessively dry.


To care for hair with highlights you must use products especially developed to care for highlighter and dyed hair. In stores you will find shampoos, conditioners and masks, so do not hesitate to purchase a unit of each to protect the colour of your hair.


Highlighted hair requires a deeper hydration, because the color causes hair to become dry more easily. Twice a week, apply a nourishing mask to your hair and leave on for about 10 minutes, approximately. You will see how your hair maintains its natural shine and softness.


A very simple practice that will serve to care for highlighted hair is to ensure you wash your hair with tepid or cold water, avoiding hot water. Cold water is ideal for the hair to look shinier and not so dry. Also, try not to wash your hair every day. Aim to wash your hair every other day or even every third day to maintain the natural oils in your hair.


Colour protectors, both chemical and natural ones, work well for protecting the tone of the hair and prevent the colour from decaying due to external factors such as sunlight. Apply these through the hair just before leaving the house.


Avoid excessive use of dryers and irons, it will make your highlighted hair stay healthier and better looking. If these are necessary to tame your hair, always use a thermal protector. Remember that heat and the sun are the great enemies of your highlights.


Frequently retouching highlights can also cause damage to your hair. Ideally you should wait long enough until the hair has grown and you can see the root. In addition, it is recommended that instead of applying throughout the hair only a few streaks be added. Consult the article how often should I dye my hair for a guideline to the recommended hair dyeing frequency.


With these tips on how to are for your highlighted hair your hair will remain shiny and with spectacular colour for longer.

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Caring for your Highlighted Hair