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Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair

Besides being grey and affecting our moods, rainy days are not kind to our hair. That's because with the excess moisture it is normal for this to frizz up our hair which looks very unflattering. So to always look spectacular with pretty hair that looks nice and neat, it's best to opt for those hairstyles that you know in advance won't be messed up by the weather. Don't miss OneHowTo's hairstyles for rainy days for long hair in the following article.

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Steps to follow:


An easy and classic option of hairstyles for rainy days is to wear a high ponytail on rainy or wet days. With this hairstyle you can be confident and sure that your hair will not suffer from unsightly frizz. High ponytails are always in fashion and are ideal for both casual looks as well as more formal ones, so they're perfect no matter where you're headed. So you can wear them to the office, to spend an afternoon with friends or to go to an important event.

Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair - Step 1
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If you don't look good with high ponytails, you might want to try a low and lopsided ponytail, a new hairstyle trend that looks great, especially with your part to the side. To better fix this hairstyle, spray a little hairspray on top and your hair will be resistant to the effects of water and the humidity of rainy days.

Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair - Step 2

For a sophisticated and elegant look on a rainy days, nothing beats rocking the so-called donut bun. Even if your hair isn't long enough for this hairstyle, you can easily use a hair tie or rubber band for the donut look, this is easy and you can have a full-looking bun. This can also be a great choice for a rainy day hairstyle for curly hair.

Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair - Step 3

If there is one fashionable hairstyle out there it is braids, which we can wear in many ways either partially down or all up. For rainy days a herringbone or a fishtail braid is one of the best options you can choose. It will bring a fresh and youthful air to any look and you won't have to worry about your hair all day because it'll stay intact and in perfect condition.

Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair - Step 4

We'll end the list of hairstyles for rainy days with one that is great for important events, whether it be a wedding, communion, dinner or a gala. This is a crown braid which leaves the face clear and is an ideal hairstyle for more elaborate and sophisticated looks.

Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair - Step 5

If you find these hairstyles don't do up your hair well enough, your hair might be too short for them. In this case, take a look at our hairstyles for rainy days for short hair.

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Hairstyles for Rainy Days - Long Hair