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Different Types Of Nose Piercing Jewelry

Alba Charles
By Alba Charles . Updated: January 16, 2017
Different Types Of Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercings are the second most popular piercing in the world, right after earlobe piercings. Their huge popularity is due to the many types of piercings and jewelry that you can find for your nose. There are nose piercings for everyone, whether you're looking for something discreet and fashionable or you want everyone to notice you. Depending on what look you're looking for or whether it's your first time, you'll want a different type of nose piercing.

Depending on where in the nose you place your piercing you'll use different types of jewelry.

Here at OneHowTo we list you different types of nose piercing jewelry so you can know which one suits you best.

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  1. Stud/Nose bone
  2. Curved nose stud
  3. Nostril rings and hoops
  4. Captive bead rings
  5. Circular barbells
  6. Different types of nose piercings

Stud/Nose bone

Straight studs are a straight little stud with a gem or ball at the top. It is very simple and easy to use, so it's perfect as a first time piercing. To put it, simply push it into the piercing hole. They are very easy to clean and very compact.

Curved nose stud

Also called nose screws, these are probably the most common type of nose studs. Curved nose studs have a curved stem that accommodates perfectly inside the nose. There are right bend and left bend nose screws, depending on which side your piercing is going to be in. From the outside they look exactly like straight studs, they have a gem or a ball at the top.

Different Types Of Nose Piercing Jewelry - Curved nose stud

Nostril rings and hoops

There are many types of rings that can be used on the nostrils. These include segment rings, captive bread rings and seamless rings. Regardless of the variety you choose, make sure the ring fits close to your nostril, so it won't look too big or it won't be too small.

Hoops are a good option for a first time piercing because they don't put pressure on your nostril if it swells on the healing process.

Different Types Of Nose Piercing Jewelry - Nostril rings and hoops

Captive bead rings

These type of rings are usually for septum piercings. These are the ones made in the cartilage division of the nostril. There is a huge variety of captive bead rings, in many colors and sizes, which makes them perfect for septum. The small bead keeps them closed, making them very secure. However, captive bead rings are a bit difficult to close, but the effort is worth it.

Different Types Of Nose Piercing Jewelry - Captive bead rings

Circular barbells

These type of nose piercing jewelry is very similar to captive bead rings but they aren't complete circles. They are also know as horseshoes because they resemble them. These are very common as septum piercings because you can easily flip them inside your nose and make them unnoticiable, if you have to attend some event or need to hide it.

Different Types Of Nose Piercing Jewelry - Circular barbells

Different types of nose piercings

In this article we've talked about nostril and septum piercings, however, these pieces of jewelry we've mentioned can be used for other nose piercings as well. The most common are:

  • High nostril: It's a variation of the nostril piercing, places slightly above. Nostril screws are most used for this piercing.
  • Bridge: this piercing is place at the top of the nose, between the eyes.
  • Vertical tip, also called rhino piercing: as it name indicates, it's a piercing that goes from the tip of your nose to under the tip. A curved barbell is the only jewelry useful for this piercing.
  • Septril: a combination of a septum and half a vertical tip
  • Nasallang: this type of piercing penetrates both nostrils. Straight barbells are the only ones to be worn with this piercing.

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Different Types Of Nose Piercing Jewelry