Nose piercing

How to care for a nose piercing

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to care for a nose piercing

Body piercings need a lot of care to prevent infections and diseases, and on this occasion on we explain how to care for a nose piercing, as this is one of the most delicate and therefore requires more specific attention to look great and healthy.

Steps to follow:


Researching where to get the piercing done is also part of the care that you need to consider. If the piercing is done by someone inexperienced and in an unhygenic location it can cause many problems. You need to verify the professionalism and hygiene of the piercing studio, as well as the tools they use. Make sure that the tool used to pierce your nose has previously been sterilized.


After the piercing is completed, dedicated care is needed for 4 months because until this time is not completely healed. Also remember that a pierced nose requires constant attention, unless you take it out, because this is an area where many bacteria and germs accumulate.


Do not take the piercing out of the nose. During the healing time you must perform all cleaning without removing it, if you do you could run the risk of the hole closing and not being able to the piercing back in.


Mix saline in warm water and clean the pierced nose at least 3 times per day, use a cotton swab to clean outside and inside the nostril. When finished, use another clean swab to dry.


Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the nose piercing.


Avoid contact with cosmetics. Until the piercing is completely healed avoid applying makeup, creams or other lotions on the wound.


Do not play with your nose piercing. Although it is tempting to do so, and even perhaps you unconsciously play with it, you should avoid touching it too much because it could lead to complications and infection.

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How to care for a nose piercing