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Cute Ponytail Hairstyles

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Cute Ponytail Hairstyles

The ponytail is a style that has always been used informally when we are at home, go shopping or play sports. But now the ponytail has been reinvented and we can see it on red carpets and sophisticated events where beautiful, elegant and very feminine women have worn their hair like this. If you are the type of woman who always wears a ponytail we encourage you to continue reading this OneHowTo article in which we will give you some ideas for cute ponytail hairstyles that are easy to do and which you will surely love.

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  1. Wavy hairstyle
  2. Backcombed ponytail
  3. Very high ponytail
  4. Low ponytail
  5. Hairstyles with lateral ponytail
  6. Braided ponytail

Wavy hairstyle

A simple and elegant way to wear a ponytail is to set it very high, above where you usually place it. In fact, it is best to tie it almost on the top of your head, towards the rear to thereby give an image of flowing hair which is great.

But to have the styling look cared for and tastefully it is best to give it some soft waves in the ponytail to add a greater sense of volume. As you can see in the picture, it is best to leave a few strands of hair near the ears so the face is less defined and to get a neat but casual look.

As a final touch, you can add a hair accessory such as some lace with a bow (as in the picture) or other options like a flower, clips, etc.

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles - Wavy hairstyle

Backcombed ponytail

This is another way to make a ponytail that is striking and very feminine. Collect the hair at the height of the rear half of the head (i.e. the typical ponytail) but with backcombing in the upper back hair.

When you are done you only have to collect the hair to the middle of the crown and then make waves at the tips so that the effect is much lighter. As you can see, the girl in the picture has not pulled all the hair back. Instead she but has made a parting in the middle and has placed the fringe hair over her ears, a great trick for women with protruding ears.

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles - Backcombed ponytail

Very high ponytail

If you like the eighties style it does not get any better than a high ponytail that will make your hair fall down your back in a unique way. Collect all your hair at the top of your head, a trick to help should you have a lot of hair is put your head up side down and collect the hair from that position. Use a fine hairband so, as you see in the image, we will cover it with a lock of hair to make it look nicer, as if we had used the lock to create the hairstyle.

In reality all we have to do is take a lock of the ponytail and wrap the rubber band with it; secure it with two or three hair fasteners to keep it in place and the apply some hairspray. You will look radiant.

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles - Very high ponytail

Low ponytail

For a more casual look that is equally elegant there is nothing better than opting for the hairstyle we propose next. Collecting all the hair in a low ponytail, place it all to one side. It is one of the trends of the season and achieves a very feminine effect that oscillates between informality and elegance.

For this type of style it is best to opt for making the hairline in the center or slightly to one side and let some strands fall on your face. Avoid fastening all the hair back because the result will not be like that of the image.

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles - Low ponytail

Hairstyles with lateral ponytail

Now we propose a minor change to the previous suggestion, in this case we will opt for a hairstyle with ripples. These will not only be at the tips but throughout the hair, also on the fringe and the loose strands. You will get a more sexy and wild effect.

It is recommended that before you tie back the hair you set the ripples with foam. Then pull the hair to one side with a low ponytail and let out some loose strands, enough to have a scruffy look. As a final touch apply some hairspray and you are ready!

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles - Hairstyles with lateral ponytail

Braided ponytail

Another of the best ponytail hairstyles is one that includes a strong current tread: braids. More and more women are using with braids in their ponytails or just decorate their hair with a small braid headband that gives a romantic and feminine style.

In the next picture we show you you will see three examples of styles that combine a ponytail with braids and, as you will observe, these are very simple because all you have to do is weave a strand of your hair and then make which ever ponytail you like. You will look beautiful.

Take a look at how to make a fishtail braid to learn how to do your hair up properly.

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles - Braided ponytail

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Cute Ponytail Hairstyles