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All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 22, 2022
All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin

Chocolate is both a delicious dessert and a great friend when we feel sad. It also offers a lot of contributions to our health and it is an ingredient used by the cosmetic industry due to its various effects on the skin. This is a wonderful ally to promote beauty, so in oneHOWTO we explain what the benefits of chocolate are for skin, and so you will be able to add it into your daily beauty routine and always look gorgeous

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Steps to follow:


Moisturizes skin. Dark chocolate is a common ingredient which is highly recommended to make homemade face masks for all skin types. This is due to its many properties, including the ability to effectively moisturize the dermis, with great results on the face and the rest of the body.


Anti-inflammatory properties. Dark chocolate is the most beneficial for the skin due to its high content of cocoa. This ingredient helps fight skin inflammation, so it is of great use when the skin presents some kind of irritation or inflammation, for example in cases of acne or rosacea.

All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin - Step 2

High antioxidants. Another benefit of dark chocolate for skin is in its ability to help fight premature ageing. This is thanks to its large antioxidant content. That is why, after applying a chocolate facial or body mask, we will notice that our skin is much softer and with a healthy, rejuvenated appearance.

All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin - Step 3

Prevents wrinkles. Chocolate also benefits circulation in the face and body, giving the impression that our skin is much smoother. On the face, its application helps smooth wrinkles significantly, and it conceals blemishes on the rest of the body.


Soothing properties. The high cocoa content of dark chocolate means it is basically a 100% natural product with no chemicals. Its delicious scent and excellent stimulating properties make it an excellent choice for a chocolate massage and is even a great substitute to wax when shaving body hair too, it's especially useful for those with very dry skin.


Improves hair elasticity. Dark chocolate is full of magnesium and vitamin B1, which means it's a great aid for people with brittle hair, as it strengthens it and improves its elasticity. Take a look at how to make a DIY chocolate hair mask to take advantage of its benefits.

All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin - Step 6

Chocolate allergies. However, you should take into account that some people may be allergic to chocolate, this is why it's always important to test dark chocolate on a small part of your skin such as the inside of your forearm to see if it causes a reaction.

Do you need more reasons to incorporate chocolate into your beauty routine? At oneHOWTO we invite you to use and enjoy its many benefits on your skin.

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All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin