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Why Doesn't my Skin Absorb Lotion

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
Why Doesn't my Skin Absorb Lotion

Have you started applying lotion to your skin and suddenly realized that it's not absorbing properly? This happens to many women during their cosmetic routine, and many don't know the real reason why their skin doesn't accept a particular cosmetic. As you'll read in this article, there are various reasons for this happening. It's advisable to get to know what they are, so that you can mitigate the problem and give the skin the attention it deserves so that it will stay forever radiant, healthy and beautiful. Read on to answer the question "why doesn't my skin absorb lotion?" and find out what you might be doing wrong.

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  1. Can the skin get saturated by so many different lotions?
  2. Accumulation of dead cells
  3. Choosing an inappropriate cream for oily skin

Can the skin get saturated by so many different lotions?

Nowadays, it is normal for women to have countless beauty products on their vanity table to make their skin look beautiful. It is a common mistake to think that the more you apply, the better you'll look, and the quicker you'll be able to see a change in your appearance.

However, as noted above, this is faulty logic. As stated by cosmetic experts, the skin also has a limit and can become saturated if too many products are applied. Why? Find out below:

  • First, you should bear in mind that the active ingredients found in creams take time to be absorbed by the skin have a positive effect on it. This is why, by applying more creams and lotions, you won't see more effects or quicker results. In addition, the penetrating power of these active ingredients is limited.
  • Secondly, you should know that the active ingredients found in the creams you use to moisturize and beautify your skin come in a conductive component (whether oil, water, silicon, etc.) and that there comes a point where the skin becomes saturated and loses its absorption capacity. This is when you realize that your skin isn't absorbing the cream that you're applying.

As such, it's clear that using large number of products isn't good for the skin. Rather the opposite occurs, and it will prevent the skin from being able to further absorb active ingredients, and can also lead to the development of conditions such as the so-called cosmetic-acne. This is the result of over-saturation of oily and greasy skin creams, which end up causing pimples and impurities in facial areas like the chin and around the mouth. This condition is most common in women between 25 and 35, who are no longer old enough to develop hormonal acne.

Follow the 'less is more' rule. Listen to specialists and care for your skin with the products which are really needs for your skin to be beautiful healthy: a cleanser, moisturizer and a sunscreen.

Why Doesn't my Skin Absorb Lotion - Can the skin get saturated by so many different lotions?

Accumulation of dead cells

Another factor which can answer the question "why doesn't skin absorb lotion?" is an accumulation of dead cells on the face which haven't been removed in a long time. This may be why cream still isn't being absorbed, even when your face is very dry. The subsequent appearance of those whitish flakes suggest a lack of hydration.

It is very important that you exfoliate your skin, both face and body, at least once a week in order to shed the accumulated dead cells, and for the applied creams to penetrate successfully. To exfoliate well, you must first select the right products, choosing one for your face and another for your body. Take into account the following recommendations for your skin to be super soft and ready to receive any treatment:

  • Exfoliate the skin when slightly damp to avoid irritation.
  • Rub the skin in circular motions to remove all dead cells and activate blood circulation in the area.
  • Don't exfoliate very sensitive areas, such as around the eyes or breasts.
  • Once you have finished exfoliating, remove the product with plenty of cold or lukewarm water - the former is ideal for closing pores.

And, of course, we can't stress enough that you need to choose an exfoliating lotion that is suitable to your skin type. In the following articles you can see how to make homemade scrubs for oily skin and how to make homemade face mask for dry skin.

Why Doesn't my Skin Absorb Lotion - Accumulation of dead cells

Choosing an inappropriate cream for oily skin

Oily skin is characterized by excessive sebum production, which makes it more likely to develop impurities, have acne and for the face to appear shiny. If you've got this skin type and you've noticed that the cream you use daily isn't being absorbed correctly, it's highly likely that you haven't chosen the right type of lotion for you.

Due to its characteristics, oily skin doesn't require greasy or oil-based creams, since it doesn't require extreme nutrition in the same way that dry skin does. So, the mistake that you've been making may be that cream you're using is too dense. It's important that you attend to your skin's specific needs and buy one that is oil-free and water-based, since it is the best option to reduce excess grease and prevent pores from clogging and new impurities from appearing.

Why Doesn't my Skin Absorb Lotion - Choosing an inappropriate cream for oily skin

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I'm a 69 years old female. EACH time I shower or bathe by soaking, my skin rolls off to the point where I can't get rid of all of it!!! I've used various implements... dry brush rubs, wet brush rubs, loofa, vitamin soaps, baking soda, espom salts soaks... even after 30 minutes, it still is coming off. My skin has always been on the dry side ( gee, I wonder why!) This has only started in the last year. I've always used lotions that have an oiler feel to them as that is what I am most comfortable with. Any idea what might be going on?
Lyy sa
I'm just 16years old my I still don't know why my hand doesn't absorb lotion!! When I apply it on my hand it became white than before immediately. but 2mn later it's like it became my hand before It's not change and my skin still dry. Can you tell me the way to use it? Should I wet my hand and apply it or should I do anything else?? Tell me please. And thank you so much.
OneHowTo Editor

Some factors include:

Not using the right lotion
Using too much
Having oily skin

If you are having trouble, try using less or using a different brand. Adding water won't help, but start small and work your way up if you need it. If you still can't find the right one, speak to a dermatologist in case there is another issue.
wendy CRUZ
im a 65 yr old woman and just recently noticed my skin isn't absorbing any lotion on my face even after I exfoliate. Any suggestions of what to do or what cream to use.
I am a 62 year old woman who is in menopause. Haven't had a period for several years so I'm assuming I'm in the menopause phase!
For about a year now I've had extremely dry and flaky skin! I recently took an antibiotic for an infection and I broke out in a horrible rash. This was two weeks ago but now for the past week my skin is peeling in spots! Fingers, breasts, buttocks underarms! My skin is STILL ABNORMALLY DRY AND DOESN'T seem to absorb lotion. I'm using Eucerine skin calming. I am also quite itchy!
Help! What's wrong with my skin!
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Lorrie,

We cannot tell you what is wrong as you will need to be examined by a qualified medical practitioner, potentially a dermatologist. This may require you to go to your GP or family doctor for a referral.
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Why Doesn't my Skin Absorb Lotion