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How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin

Although the most common use of white vinegar is in the culinary arts, it has a wealth of other uses for both health and beauty. White vinegar is a disinfectant and purifier thanks to the acetic acid produced after fermentation of sugars in the wine from which it is made. The vitamin A it contains promotes recovery of multiple skin problems and, when used properly, offers many other benefits.

To take advantage of this versatile wonder, we at listed a number of little known ways of using white vinegar for more beautiful skin.

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Steps to follow:


White vinegar acts as a powerful antiseptic. If you have any wounds or scratches, you can apply to the wound with a sterile gauze to prevent infection. Its disinfectant property keeps skin free from pathogenic microorganisms and also helps in cases of otitis (ear infections) and cold sores.

For men, white vinegar is a perfect aftershave lotion thanks to its antibacterial and refreshing properties, soothing skin after rough treatment with the blade.


White vinegar refreshes and soothes the skin, so can be used on insect bites giving those nasty itches a cooling effect. It can also be used to relieve sunburn as a natural after sun lotion, leaving skin calm and fresh. If you mix the vinegar with warm water and rub onto legs, it can also relieve cramps.

How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin - Step 2

Foot fungus is a very common problem, especially in teenagers and athletes. Fungi present on a foul-smelling foot can be tackled with white vinegar. This is thanks to its antibacterial properties that help to thoroughly clean the skin and fight infectious agents which caused the fungus in the first place.

Just fill a clean bucket with warm water and vinegar and have a foot bath for 15 minutes. Done daily, this will fight the problem effectively. It can also be done as a preventative measure against fungus. This foot bath is also an excellent treatment to soften calluses and corns.

Learn how to treat foot fungus easily and effectively with

How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin - Step 3

White vinegar is great for hair as it leaves it wonderfully shiny due to its cleansing properties. It effectively removes any dirt embedded in the scalp.

It can be used in two ways:

  • You could either rinse your hair with vinegar after washing it, drying it as you would normally.
  • Alternatively, dip your hairbrush in vinegar and comb it through your hair. Although vinegar can be pungent, its odour disappears when the hair dries.

It is also an effective treatment for lice and nits. However, in children, the hair should be rinsed thoroughly after use as the vinegar might be irritating to the scalp.

How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin - Step 4

Vinegar acts as great tonic for our skin because it helps to clean it thoroughly. It removes any dirt in the pores, leaving skin a lot cleaner and looking perfect. To take advantage of these benefits, mix the vinegar with equal parts of water and use it every night when removing make-up. After using the vinegar, you can apply night cream or your usual beauty products as normal.

If you have freckles and want to reduce their appearance, apply this tonic to the face. The bleaching effect of the vinegar will yield impressive results.

How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin - Step 5

You can also whiten your teeth with it, thanks to its aforementioned bleaching properties. To do this, just add a few drops to your toothbrush once a week. When you've brushed your teeth, you can use a solution to gargle and see how it refreshes your mouth and throat, which will also prevent bad breath.

How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin - Step 6

Finally, it is important to note that vinegar is not just beneficial to the skin: it has a wealth of properties which help specific functions that help to improve health, e.g. it helps lower blood sugar levels when just a couple of teaspoons are taken before or with a meal. It also reduces appetite and helps us follow a diet correctly.

Vinegar is also, among many other things, a great cleaning agent, so can be used to clean the house, stained clothing, unclogging pipes and descaling.


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How to Use White Vinegar for More Beautiful Skin