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Which Parts of Our Body Age Faster?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 23, 2022
Which Parts of Our Body Age Faster?

We know that the effects of aging on the skin are inevitable, but would you like to know what parts of the body age faster and why? If so, do not miss this OneHowTo article in which we help you discover them, and in addition, we give you some tips so you can keep a more youthful looking skin, which is radiant and healthy at all times. Remember the importance of daily protection of the dermis, both inside and out, if you really want to look great and hide your true age.

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A study by the University of California revealed that the chest is the body area that ages the fastest. This is because the fabric of this area is up to three years older than the rest of the body. To maintain a strong and beautiful bust it's important to tone the muscles in that area through specific exercises to make your breasts firmer and moisturise the skin internally and externally. Get a good firming cream to help prevent sagging and, of course, choose the right bra by always selecting the right size.

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The second place is occupied by the hands. This part of the body is constantly exposed to a host of external factors that cause loss of elasticity and flexibility and making it susceptible to early forms of aging. It is noted that the main culprit is the sun, so it is important to apply a sunscreen in winter as well as in summer, along with a nourishing cream enriched with vitamins to ensure hydration. Do not miss the tips in our article How to care for and protect your hands to always keep them clean and prevent the blemishing due to aging and the passage of time.

It is also important to keep your hands exfoliated. Read this article if you want to make your own exfoliating hand cream.

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The face

Just as the hands, the face is the other part of the body which is constantly exposed to external factors. Besides being one of the parts of the body which age first, the signs of aging are far more visible on the face than in any other area. Blemishes, wrinkles and expression lines can appear prematurely if the facial skin is not moisturised daily or we do not follow a balanced and healthy diet. Do not forget the importance of cleaning the face twice a day, as well as applying moisturising creams, antiaging products and sun protection. Weekly exfoliation is another task which will help you to rejuvenate the skin keeping it young-looking and healthy.

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At a certain age and with the passage of time, the thin eyelid skin tends to lose its natural elasticity and the result is visibly droopy eyelids. As well as being very noticeable, this makes the face appear tired and sad, which isn't a very attractive look. To prevent this, you should try to sleep and rest well, drink plenty of water during the day and reduce salt intake in your diet. There are some beauty tips that are effective in the task of concealing droopy eyelids. Take a look at the article to find out more.

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Neck and chest

To complete the list of parts of the body which age faster than other, we come to the neck and neckline. The skin of both areas is highly delicate and fine, so it suffers more easily and shows unsightly wrinkles ruining your good looks. The best measure to prevent sagging and premature aging here is to apply the same creams and products you use on your face.

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Last but not least, elbows are the last of the body parts that age first. As you can imagine, elbows have to stand most of the arms' movement, bumps and scraping against things. This, plus the fact that the skin in the elbow is already pretty saggy means it ages easily. There is not much you can do to prevent this except moisturizing the area.

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Which Parts of Our Body Age Faster?